Sunday, January 11, 2009

Restoran Windmill - Subang

Once my dad came back from training course at 6pm, he said that he wanted to eat Western Food as he has taken too many Chinese food recently. I had no problem with it of cause. Woohoo~!

Oxtail Soup (RM8.90). It came in a big bowl with 2 pieces of ox tail in it. The meat was a bit hard and I have to take it out and cut it on plate. I dont need to do this in other restaurant as the meat is tender and easy to slice out using spoon. Although it was already rich in pepper, I still added tons of pepper into it (super pepper-lover). The soup was very nice indeed, rich in flavour. I still wish that they could make the meat more tender next time.

Escargots (RM14.90 for 1/2 dozen). The escargots were flooded with creamy garlic sauce. The sauce was very buttery and has slightly hinch of garlic in it. Forgotten to save my bun for the dip. Wish they could put more garlic into it.

Baked Potato Skin (RM8.90). The skin was not crunchy as they didnt take out the potato in it (whereby they supposed to take it out). The other ingredients was ok. I still thinks that Jakes' potato skin is the best.

Ribeye Steak (RM46.90). Dad wanted spare ribs but they said is 'out of stock'. Dad's ribeye steak was not bad actually, medium-well and tender.

T-bone Steak (RM44.90). Mum ordered medium-well but it was burned when it arrived on our table, we had a bad impression already. No doubt, the steak was tough to maximum. The chef was lousy, didnt follow the customer's requirement. Wasted our money.

Sizzling Lamb Chop (RM30.90). As usual, my bro favourite sizzles, ordered sizzling lamb this time around. Although I put the candle very near to his plate but due to its black color plate, I cant capture a clear picture. They gave 3 large lamb chop and thick as well. My bro was disappointed as they were no fats with the lamb and no lamb taste at all.

Food quality wise still lousier than The Ship (they are from the same group). Service wise a bit not so good. We had to call the waiter to refill our water while actually they can proactively refill it for us when they see the glass are empty (there were around 5 tables at that time only, no crowd). When my dad asked for toothpick while the waiter was busy clearing our plates, he didnt acknowledge my dad. So my dad repeated again, then only the waiter said 'yes sir'. All these proves that the training for staffs are insufficient.

Restoran WindMill
10 & 11, JAlan SS12/1B,
47600 Subang Jaya.
Tel: 5631 8177

Tiny Direction: Exit Federal Highway (from KL) at Subang Jaya, keep left and go straight. Turn left at the traffic light and Windmill is on your right.


maro^gal said...

hahaha less garlic... good good.. i can go eat..

i don like garlic.... :p

siewmun said...

mai ngam u lor like tat....

i am super garlic not ngam me..

Anonymous said...

I like eating there , The hospitality is nice , even the manager is polite , This food wow tasty , I even go to there with my family .