Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Red Cliff 2009

Once in awhile, we need to splurge a bit and that day we had a reason to splurge. Boy boy bought 2 movie tickets online from GSC Signature at The Gardens. Nope, we didnt buy Gold class ticket which cost freaking RM60, we still couldnt justify the amount of it for a movie. We bought premier class tickets instead that only cost RM20 each. So, for RM40, we got a comfortable couple seat for a 2 1/2 hour movie. Justifiable right?

The seats were really comfortable. Even I put my big bag beside me, I still have enough space to put my legs on the chair and lean on boy boy. The only thing that I dont like was half way of the movie, people tend to go toilet, and these people has to cross over in front of me (I was in the middle row, and the row on my left cannot exit, so they have to cross over and exit at the row on my right). Cross over never mind, this freaking idiot kicked my high heels off and my heels fell to the bottom of the front seats. Stupid. Then boy boy has to bend down and take my heels. Other people might be thinking what is he doing, wanna humsap the girl seating in front maybe?

The popcorn and coke cost RM3 higher than normal GSC cinemas, plus it doesnt taste any better than that also. Bringing in the Premier tagline, of coz everything has to be 'premier' right, include the price of the food. The waiting lounge was a bit small, and they wont allow us to go in until the very last minute of the showing time of the movie. So, if I were to watch next time, I would rather wait at the waiting lounge downstairs (which were quite empty) until the show time.

I did not watch Red Cliff Part I because I dont really like Lin Chi Ling. While boy boy was watching it on DVD, I only managed to watch the last part where the 'Pa Gua' strategy was used during the fighting scene. Plus, I do not read the story of 3 kingdoms, so I wouldnt know the story of each character. I only know Zhao Zi Long story as I watched the movie acted by Andy Lau last time. Since boy boy was so interested in the movie (partly because of Lin ChiLing), I teman him watched Part II.

Despite the struggling to differentiate which one is Zhao Zi Long, Guan Yu, and few other characters (see, I even forgotten their names). I pretty much enjoyed the whole movie. Although the fighting war scene came at the last part, the strategy and tactics used to attack Cao Cao was really fascinating.

I love Tony Leong but he appeared a bit old in this movie (in fact, he is ma, hor?). The poster below showed his young face after massive photoshop-ing.

Boy boy's favourite character, or maybe favourite actress (is she?). Cant comment much because I had a grudge on her since long time ago. Hehe.

I enjoyed watching Takeshi Kaneshiro as well. Although he doesnt seems quite fit into acting Zhu GeLiang, but I think he carried out pretty well. He has instill some cute elements into this character. I doubt that the real Zhu GeLiang is this handsome. Takeshi is the most handsome Zhu GeLiang by far. Love his reaction during the arrow-collecting scene in the ship.

All and all, a good movie that can never be missed this year. Besides, is a short cut to learn history as well.

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