Sunday, January 25, 2009

Preparation for CNY

Yup, we have painted our living room.

My mum bought some flowers to decorate.
She bought Pussy Willow as well, decorated with lil' tanglungs. I think she will add some ice cubes into the vase tomorrow in order for this PW to bloom.

Cookies. This year, my mum only made chocolate chips cookies and Mama Carry. Others, she bought. Oh ya, she made cheese cake as well! Stored in the refrigerator at the moment and covered with a polystrene foil, so I couldnt take a picture.

For myself, I had bought 11 clothes all together! My CNY collection started last year August until now. Pink, purple, maroon, grey, beige, brown, green, red, yellow, and orange. You name it, I have it. All sorts of colors except blue color (now only I noticed). Guess blue is always not my favourite color though.

The 6 pieces at the top row are all kimono inspired dress (the last piece on the right is a top) that I raved about it until now, while the 3 pieces at the bottom row are halter neck, and 2 pieces are spagetti stripe dresses. Yet to decide which one to wear on the first day of chinese new year, but I have decided which one to wear on my boy boy's bday.

My mum said choose the bright colors and the one that I like the most to wear on the first day. I thought of wearing the bright red with gold flowers (bottom second right). However, I heard MG said that this year cannot wear red color. The reason being, this year is an Ox year, and the ox will go after you if it sees red clothes (similar concept as bull fighting in Spain). Make sense hor?

Argh! So hard to decide. This year Yellow color ONG, so I think I would wear the yellow color, but it is not striking and bright enough. Never mind, I still have one day to think about it. Haha.

Oh ya, I still have few casual tops that are yet to wear plus two new leggings, plus a few pairs of new shoes. Wah! so many new things! Happy Happy. Indeed, this year I am very happy with my shoppings on CNY collections. But I missed out new lingerie and a new handbag. Couldnt find something to my liking. Sob sob....

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