Friday, January 16, 2009

One Noodle - SS2

Always like the Siu Long Bao (Shanghai Dumplings) offerred by One Noodle, plus it was reasonably priced. When we flipped open the menu, there was a sticker that states RM8 sticked on top of the original price of RM6. I know, the petrol increased, raw material increased, thus increased in pricing. But, increased in RM2 for the same old Siu Long Bao is just too much. Super Crazy.

Boy boy ordered Fresh Kiwi Paste Flavour (RM7.60). Although not much kiwi taste in it, I like the condensed milk together with it. At least better than my hot Honey Lemon (RM3.80), which tasted like detergent.

French style Chicken Roll (RM12). Another item that has its price increased. The coating was quite sticky and it was sweet. The inner fillings were a bit compact, thus making it a bit tough to bite. As a whole, only the coating was nice.

Boy boy's pork dumpling La Mein (RM8.80). The dumpling was nice, and was full of ingredients. Not bad.

I ordered their Hokkien Fried Rice (RM11.80). At the first, it doesnt look nice right, rice soaked in water. Dont let the look deceive you. The fried rice was full of ingredients such as dried scallops (my favourite), prawns, mushrooms, sotong and some vegetables. At least it was better than Italian Risotto le.

Besides the Siu Long Bao, almost 1/3 of the items in the menu has a price increased as well. This restaurant has just become an over-priced restaurant for that type of food served. I dont think I gonna visit this again. If I were to visit this restaurant again, I will just settle with the La Mein and not the desserts / appetizers / dimsums.

Restaurant One Noodle
66 & 68, Jalan SS2/67,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 78778499

(Located same row as KFC)

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