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Ninja Jones - Mid Valley

When planning for boy boy's birthday dinner, it was not a difficult task at all! Knowing him who loves Japanese food, finding a nice Japanese restaurant was easy. I remembered Nicole strongly recommended Ninja Jones in Mid Valley Northpoint 1 year ago. I didnt try it because I know the price was a bit steep. Now, finally I have a reason to splurge a bit.

I made a reservation and requested for a quiet place. Indeed, when we reached, they urshered us to second floor and we were seated at the far end corner of the floor. We went in around 6.45pm and we were the only customer until 7.30pm, then some tables were occupied. During that time, I was worried that I have entered into a bad quality restaurant. Since Nicole said it was so good, how come no customers geh? On the other hand, we felt like we have reserved the whole restaurant for our own like that. Hehe.

Seeing their restaurant name, the waiters in the restaurant do dress like Ninjas. Black mask, black bandana, black suit and black shoes. Why Ninjas are always in black but not the characters in Naruto? Naruto and his mates also ninja what.

The waitress passed us a menu for drinks first, and we ordered ocha. The ocha was FOC, I didnt see the charges in my bill. Plus, it was free-flow as well. After we ordered the drinks, then only she passed us the food menu. When I flipped open, the range of food that Ninja Jones offered was intensive! Ranging from appetizers, salad, sushi, grill stuffs, wahyu beef, and dinner sets. Each pages were filled with pictures. It made it easier for me to choose the food according to the 'beautifulness' of the food presented in pictures. Picture speaks a thousand words.

Once we ordered, we were served with a small plate of cold dish. I do not know what it was, but I sure like the taste of it.

California Temaki (RM7). Quite a big chunk actually, but taste wise was normal. Nothing special. However, boy boy said the preserved ginger tasted very good.

Agedashi Tofu (RM10). It came in 2 big pieces. The tofu texture was very solid, it did not break into small pieces when we used chopstick and grabbed it. The outer layer was well marinated, it was not super sweet and not super salty. It tasted just nice.

Salmon Tofu Nabe (RM20). The ingredients (variety of mushrooms, tofu, salmon and vege) and the soup was put on top of a piece of paper. This paper was placed on top of a fire to boil it up. The soup was sweet due to the ingredients, the longer I boiled, the sweeter the soup was. However, I think I do not like the soup taste, it somehow taste weird to me. This is strictly personal taste, coz boy boy thought the soup was ok.

Eringi Ninniku Shoyu Grill (RM18), translated into grill king mushroom. Once boy boy and I ate the first piece, it was an instant hit! Super tastey! The mushroom was marinated with lots of garlic paste, thus giving it a strong tint of garlic taste. Being a super garlic lover, this dish was dem good! However, the mushroom became saltier and saltier as the longer it was grilled. No doubt, this is the best grill mushroom ever as I didnt taste such nice grill mushroom anywhere before. A total must order next time!

Soft Shell Crab Kari Kari Age (RM18). The crab was super soft compared to the ones in Zanmai. It was a bit salty but it was tolerable.

Boy boy ordered Sashimi and Tempura set (RM48). Actually I already half expected he will order sashimi and to my expectation, he initially ordered Sashimi set. At the end, he changed to Sashimi plus tempura. I think he knows that I love to eat tempura, and I didnt order any tempura, so he changed to the set with tempura. When it arrived, he straight away gave me the one and only prawn tempura. sweet of him.

The set also comes with a bowl of salad and a cup of chawanmushi. The dressings on top of the salad tasted very nice as it was garlic-ky (garlic again!). Unique taste, prefer this rather than the western style thousand island dressings. The chawanmushi was ok.
The prawn that they gave was quite a big piece. Although tempuras were fried, but this was not oily at all. Mixed with the sauce, it was nice.

5 types of sashimi. I asked boy boy what is the difference between Zanmai sashimi and Ninja Jones. He said almost the same, both also are fresh and same size (but I think NJ served thicker slice of sashimi). Means that next time we will just eat Zanmai sashimi lor like that, which is like 40% cheaper than NJ. Hehe.

With the amount of food filled up our table, I think I over-ordered the food. Hehe. Maybe I knew that I wont be coming back for second visit in near future (as the price was a bit steep), therefore I wanted to taste more dishes while I was there. See, the amount of food, I couldnt even capture ALL the food we ordered into one shot. And I was sooo dem full!

That's the problem when my camera ended up at boy boy's hand. He simply simply took my photo without asking me to pose first. Dem!

Say la when you wanna take picture, then I would pose like this!

Boy boy, unlike me, I already told him that I wanna take picture of him already, and he considered this as posing liao, then he complained not nice. SWT!

It was a nice dinner and we had a good conversation during the dinner. Having been with him for so many years, he still managed to surprise me with his new childhood stories and experiences. I used to talk the most usually (being a chatty person), but today he did talk quite a bit. Not that I dominate the whole conversation, but the fact is he likes to listen to me, :P. If I keep quiet, he would be thinking something bad or sad happened to me, and he would be panic. I like to hear him talk though, like to hear his voice.

It's good to have a quiet and high class dinner once in a while to refresh the relationship (not that my relationship has gone bad, mind you). Is a similar concept when couples have a getaway trip to somewhere to refresh the relationship.

As a whole, Ninja Jones was a good recommendation by Nicole, in fact, it does lived up to my expectation actually. NJ charges 10% service charge, but they provide free ocha and free wet towel.

Ninja Jones Japanese Restaurant
A-G-5, Ground Floor, Northpoint,
Mid Vally City, No. 1, Medan Syed Putra Utara,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 22881646

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