Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year resolution achieved!

... through Facebook.

and I will tell you how .....

The story begins when a person named Scott Lim has nothing to do one day and decided to fulfil his girlfriend's resolution, which is to get herself engaged. So he clicked on to Facebook and found out that both of them can be 'engaged' through the relationship status. So thinking that this is a 'fun' way to nail down his girlfriend's dream, he clicked it!

And his girlfriend stupidly accepted it thinking that he really wanna engage her at that moment. Besides that, she accepted it in order to show to his girl-friends in Facebook that he is engaged, so please dont 'kacau' him. Ended up Facebook displaying (the black box) 'Loh is engaged with Scott Lim'. Little did he know that she has lots of friends that log on to Facebook very often (very often indeed). Within 2 hours, her comment box was flooded with 9 comments congratulating her (can you imagine?).

She was in total horror! She felt like she is lying to her friends and felt so heavy to tell them that she in fact is not engaged in real life. It has reached a point of no return. He got her into a deep trouble. So she sms-ed him about this.

Within 1 hour, he changed the relationship status again to "it's complicated" (blue box below). She hasnt accept it yet as she felt disappointed again. He, being a playful guy who gave her hope earlier and then crushed her hope 3 hours later. What's the meaning of this? She is confused. And she is lost.

And there you go again, seeing the girl's relationship became 'engaged' back (pink box above), and not 'engaged with Scott Lim' anymore.

So, what else could this girl possibly say at this point of time?



MonkeyDLuffy said...

Abarai Renji, your bankai no use anymore. Now you are in deep trouble. haha

Facebook said...

Never mess with me Renji-kun.

Mark Zuckerberg said...

I could probably create a status option that says "engaged in cyberspace". Do check back facebook for future updates. Thank you for using facebook

maro^gal said...


ask him for something in return.... cos he make a mess out of it... HAHhaha

may be a meal??.. thn rmb ask me go eat too... hHAHhahaa

Abarai Renji said...

Wah... i dunno so many ppl visit your face book wan wo.Maybe is my clone go & change the status. Later I will give him a lesson. Bakayaro~!