Saturday, January 24, 2009

National Trainee Camp - Maran

Today is the day to pick up my sis back from NS camp site in Maran, Pahang for Chinese New Year celebration. Plus today is NS Open Day as well for parents to visit the site.

My dad read from the newspaper said that it is advisable to leave the toll between 9am to 1pm to avoid traffic jam. Indeed, we followed the advise. There was some traffic before the toll, and when climbing up hill (I think is around Genting area there). After that, it was a smooth drive despite a lot of cars.

While we were at the Termerloh R&R, my sis called, "Where are you? What time you all reach? Can take us back already wo". Before this, the NS trainer said that the trainees can only leave the camp site after 2pm. But that time was only 11.30am and the trainees were allowed to leave. Guess they are not so stringent as last time already.

After exiting Maran toll 45 minutes later, my sis called again, "where are you all ar? my friends left already!". Ok ok, we are coming wei. Then 20 minutes later, entering into palm oil estate area (10 minutes to the camp site), sis called the third time, "reaching already or not? I have to come out and pick up you all, and escort you all into the site, wait for you all at the front gate la". Oooo, so I think she called so many times just to check on our location so that she can wait for us outside.

12pm. Reached. I was quite impressed with the site. Take a look at the facilities they have. The photo below shows the dorm for girls (guys are on the other side), and it is covered up with fencing to keep some privacy for girls. The buildings were quite nice as this site was established only 1 year plus. Guess new is always good.

Only ladies were allowed into the girls dorm, so my dad has to wait outside. There was 4 dorms together, and one dorm can accomodate 20 - 30 trainees. Each of the trainee was given one cupboard and a single bed with one pillow, bedsheet and blanket.

My sis told us that on the first day of arrival, there were only 6 of them in this dorm. They switched on the lights for the whole night. You know what is the reason. Hehe.

This was my sis bed, near to the wall. She is not used to sleeping stick to the wall, so she was worried something might crawl to her bed at night.

Indeed, the time we arrived, a moth was standing on her wall. Hehe. Luckily my sis love animals, this creature is acceptable to her, but not cockcroach.

They were given a set of NS uniform and a cap.

A pair of boots, sport shoe and court shoes.

The trainees decorated the wall.

That's where she call home every weekend, and a water dispenser to reload water.

The site has a small beautiful lake. Look at my sis, she became so dark! Pimples all popped out. Poor her. She said once / twice a week will have marching under the hot sun, which is at 3pm noon. The farnie part was, my mum couldnt recognise my sis! She was standing there waiting for us (only her on the pathway) and I saw her. My mum kept on asking, "where is she? where is she?". I pointed but her eyes dont know look at where, until I walked up to my sis and said, "nah, your daughter". Then only she realised. Hahaha.

There was a Flying Fox gadgets above the lake. My sis yet to play this. Out of my whole camping experience, I love flying fox the most! My sis told us that the instructor showed them a video of previous activities being played by other camp sites. A clip on Flying Fox was showed. This girl was crying all the way from the bottom of the stairs until up. After fixing everything, she would let go the instructor's hand (and she was still crying). The instructor forcefully untangled her hand, but she still couldnt slide down, coz both of the legs were wrapped around the tiang. SWT!

Did she fly down? Yes, she did. Because the instructor forcefully untangled her legs as well.

Another gadgets. You see the steep hill behind? That's where the trainees do their running every morning. For a few mornings, while running up hill, there were lots of cow dunk along the road, so the trainees have to avoid it while running.

Plus, my sis love to do morning exercise as well cause they would be facing the forrest and the air was very fresh. Green green suroundings. Good.

Part of their canteen. They have to take their tray and lined up for food. I do have to say that the food served was not up to standard. If it doesnt taste nice, it doesnt matter, but hygiene is the most important element! The caterer didnt take into account this part. My sis said her dorm mate got a fish with a live worm crawling on it once! After that, my sis never ever take fish during the camp.

Plus, she said out of 10 days, 'lao sai' (diarrhea) for 8 days. Then we said 'poor thing', then you know what was her answer? "no la, is good actually, I dont need to squat for so long". @@

The only fish she took was the Fish Burger from McD that her friend's mum bought during weekends. She said the most tastier food ever! Yup, her friend's parents always visit her during Sundays. Every week since they entered the camp site except last week only. Plus, this friend is not staying in Pahang wei, but Tropicana. Her parents always bring lots of food. And they can party on Sunday night. Really Super Parents!

My dad asked her, "so, what you want to eat the most?". She said, "Yee Sang". Asked her few times during the journey, also she said the same thing.

She brought back a big packet of clothes and said wanna wash at home using washing machine. She only washed clothes for a few days then she became lazy already. Then my dad asked, "sleeping clothes how? no need to wash ar?". She answered, "No wo, I wear for one week lor". My dad, "so, you have 4 sets of sleeping clothes unwashed lor is it?". My sis, "ya, I keep it until I come back". @@

2.30pm, we stopped by Bukit Tinggi area for lunch. Wanton Mee, super sweet wei.

During the journey, my sis told us lots of stories. In fact, I find that 80% of it was quite farnie. I see that she can adapt well to the NS life, not to say enjoy it, but she is facing this quite well. Not missing home. Able to minus 3kg. Able to be independent. And a bit more talkative. I see these as a good signs. Proud of her.

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