Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lucky Seafood Restaurant - Paramount

Since my sis is back from NS and jojo's father is back from China, we ajak them for a dinner. Gucheh's favourite place - Lucky Seafood Restaurant in Paramount. Gucheong wanted to order his favourite roast duck but it was out of stock! OMG! That time was only 6.45pm and it was sold out! Poor gucheong.

Yee Sang. Lou Lou Lou, Lou dou Fong San Sui Hei!

Tomyam Fish. Another must order for Gucheh. The tomyam sauce was just nice, not too sour and not too spicy (maybe not your typical tomyam flavour), but to me is good already. I do hope that the wax can burn longer though, cause the dish became quite cold after 5 minutes. Plus, it wasnt served hot at the first place. I wonder why.

Lotus with pea. Very 'qing' dish. The nuts add extra taste to the dish. Not bad.

Yam Basket. The fried yam was not up to my standard I think. It tasted oily and it was quite hard, not the usual soft yam texture that we had in other restaurant. The stirred fried chicken pieces together with mushroom, carrots and capsicum was fine.

Sweet and Sour Pork. Very crunchy and tasted nice. Very hard to find crunchy 'gu lou yok' nowadays.

Roasted chicken. No roast duck so we order roast chicken. Hehe. Tasted bland. The skin was crunchy but no taste one.

The total bill for the 9 of us was RM160.

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