Thursday, January 8, 2009

Long T Spree

Yesterday while waiting for MG to withdraw money in Maybank, PY and I spotted the same thing. No, it wasnt any clothing, it was a girl around early 20s back facing us that caught our attention. She was wear a white long T (almost like a mini dress) plus black leggings. My first thought was, "she dressed like a whore" cause the T was super super short lor. Then I think I was a bit harsh on my thought.

But then, when she walked out from Maybank, her back was facing us while she was walking away. Trying to look whether she was wearing any mini shorts below the T. To our horror, we saw her black undies! Yes, it was clearly an undie as it was triangular in shape at the butt there. She doesnt even bother to pull her T lower a bit to cover her butt. Doesnt she realise that her leggings are not 100% opaque?

I think she bought the same leggings as ours, 120 denier. It looks 100% opaque starting from the small thigh, but it will become slight transparent towards the big thigh (as the material is starting to stretch). OMG! If wanna wear like that, please wear 280 denier leggings la, which is un-penetratable by light.

She doesnt even need to bend down to expose her undies! Wah! I think all the guys around her must be drooling with saliva already. Free show wo...who doesnt wanna see? I admit, as a girl, I was also staring at her all the way. Not that I wanna see free show, just that I felt it was a pity that she dressed like that to get attention but showing off her precious 'assets'.

So girls, please double check your leggings whether they are really 100% opaque or transparent. Please do not become so careless as the girl mentioned above.

Since I am talking about long T, let's talk about this topic then. I always wanted to buy long T to match with my 3/4 denim leggings and my budget is below RM20. Went and surveyed in Zara, MNG and Topshop, managed to find some nice long T with nice prints but the price is triple my budget. Thinking of casual wear only, I just couldnt get myself to purchase it.

Yesterday was a spontaneous decision to go to Sg Wang to shop together with MG and PY. My target has set on long T. After 3 hrs of shopping (ok, I didnt buy any kimono-inspired dress ar), bought myself 3 pieces of long T. The 2 Tees below priced at RM19 per piece.

This pink piece was priced at RM15. At first, I thought it would be a bit impossible for me to fit in. Take a look at the shape wei, do I look so slim to you? But it was so cheap and the color and design was simple and nice, I bought it.

Just tried it, luckily it was very stretchable. Hahaha. I can fit wo! Besides, bought a grey leggings as it costs only RM10. Cheap cheap.

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