Friday, January 2, 2009

Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant - Subang

I heard rave reviews on the restaurant, so suggested to try out this place. When we reached there at 7.30pm, the amount of customers inside this restaurant was uncountable. Crazily packed. However, there were a few tables vacant at that moment. So we were ushered to a table located at the side, not so bright and ended up my photos all blur. Stupid me.

Following Annie's trend (she always wanna order coconut everytime we had lunch / dinner together), all 6 of us ordered Coconut. I felt that the coconut a bit small lor as it is Thai coconut, but the drink was very fresh and sweet. Not enough for all of them, I think they were very thirsty that day. I gave half of my coconut drink to boy boy. The coconut flesh was a bit thin lor, easy for us as we do not need to scratch the flesh by using force. This coconut not cheap lei, cost RM4.50 per biji.

There was a satay stall in front of this restaurant and once we came down from the car, the fragrance of satay floated across us. Instantly, my bro went and ordered 20 pieces of chicken satay. However, the kakak served us 10 pieces chicken and 10 pieces mutton. Hmmm.... disappointed brother who just love to eat chicken satay suddenly has lost 10 pieces of chicken satay out of nowhere.

I only tried the mutton satay. Actually it was quite hard. Hehe. But I like the satay sauce though, not too spicy, just nice.

Flying Fox in the Snowy Mountain ('Suet San Fei Wu'), the name for a fish baked with a layer of salt. The salt was layered across the whole fish and the fish skin was being flipped out by the waitress. Since the fish got a little bit of smell, you have to eat it with some salt (note: just a few biji of salt will do) to cover up the smell.

Despite the tiny bit of smell, the fish was soft in texture. There were lots of ingredient inside the fish such as garlic, onions, chilli etc etc to add some tint of flavour to the fish. Nikky loves this fish a lot until he ordered a big one, cost RM41.

Sambal Pucuk Paku (RM12). When Annie ordered this dish "Bak Ku Chou", all of us stared at her as we never heard of this vegetable before. Then later Nikky and Scott made fun of pucuk paku's cantonese pronounciation. Mou lek. When the dish arrived only I know that I had eaten this type of vegetables in Nyonya restaurant before, and I just dont know the cantonese name for it. Hehe. Anyway, the sambal was very nice, and the pucuk was very crunchy.

Lala Chong's signature Lala fried meehoon (RM15). When Calvin took the first scoop of this dish and commented, "wah, very nice ar". Then all 5 of us stared at him, giving him a question mark face. This is because he said the above sentence in a flat tone (that's why I didnt put exclamation mark at the end of the sentence), and we looked at him suspiciously, dont know whether to believe him or not. He noticed our faces then he added on, "really one!".

Actually I expect normal size lala before ordering, but only small tiny pieces of lala (dem tiny la, more tiny-er than 5 cent). The ingredients with the meehoon was a lot though. The meehoon was not dry at all, it was quite wet. The lala does not have fishy smell. Indeed, this dish sure lives up to the expectation.

All of us regretted that we ordered rice. Should have just take this meehoon with other dishes.

Fried Homemade Beancurd with mayonaise (RM15). The beancurd was mixed together with fish paste and some tiny carrot pieces, so the texture was rough a bit. Despite the frying, the skin was a bit crunchy and it was not too oily. Plus, the beancurd was quite big piece lor.

Butter Prawn (RM35). My bro complained why they didnt take out the s**t of the prawns. Hehe. Standard dish, cant do anything wrong with butter prawn. But I still feel the dish was expensive. Crabs were priced at RM45 per kg, more expensive than King Crab, that was the reason why we didnt order crabs.

Fried Chicken with Thai Sauce (RM10). When this dish arrived, all of us gulped when we see the presentation of this dish. This sauce indeed has more sour than spicy flavour, too much plum sauce. Plus too watery. Yer....we didnt finish this dish.

This restaurant charges 5% government tax (imagine how much they can earn, without aircon somemore), RM1 for small bucket of ice, RM1 for tea per person, RM3 for titbits (one plate of nuts) and RM1.50 for a bowl of rice.

Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant
PT6824 Terminal 3,
A. Aziz Shah Airport.
Tel: 78591906

Tiny Direction: Towards the Subang old airport road from Federal Highway. Do a U-turn after Terminal 3 Airport, Lala Chong is on your left.

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please keep in mind that paku choy is not from china, and man also can cook that vege