Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kochi Taiwanese Delight - Penang

When I texted HSK that I am going to Penang, please bring me to eat nice food so that I can blog about it. He actually cracked his head till the last minute on where to bring me for dinner. Poor him. So next time whoever I wanna have meal with, once I text "blogger is coming to town", I think basically the person will panic liao. Hahaha. Kesian.

HSK picked me up in Gurney Plaza and we went to Kochi Taiwanese Delight. It is a bungalow-turned-shop thingy. Once I entered the door, I felt very cozy as the design was mostly wood-based.

There were 2 aquariums (1 big and 1 small) with saltwater fishes and corals in it. We were just seated next to the small aquariums.

HSK told me that he loves Nemo fish, so he took pictures of it. He always wanted an aqurium like this but the maintenance cost is too high, so he gave up.

The decor was dem pretty, I was pretty impressed. It was like the owner really spent his time and strength to decorate every single corner of this restaurant.

We ordered Wo Tip (Pan Fried Dumpling) - RM6.50. The dumplings were small than some restaurant. It was a bit oily (a bit only) but it wasnt salty at all. The inner fillings were rich.

We ordered 2 sets of main meal. Each set came with:

A bowl of rice with pork lard on it. Took the first scoop and I was totally addicted to it! Even now I feel like eating pork lard rice. Yum yum.

One small plate of vegetables and another plate of Ju-hu-char-like thingy. I like the Juhuchar thingy actually.

One bowl of barli as dessert and one bowl of soup. Soup was normal, I still prefer Miso soup (totally different things wasnt it?).

HSK's Stewed Pig Hind Trotter set (RM15.80). He gave me one small piece to try. The pork was very tender the sauce was nice plus the big nuts as well. HSK enjoyed every single bite.

HSK recommended Salty Chicken set (RM15.90). The chicken was fried to crispiness and the coated was superb! A bit salty (as the name indicate), a bit spicy, and I tasted a tint of spices as well. Wow, never tasted such tasty fried chicken.

Really a delightful dinner and I enjoyed it! Love the food, love the environment but air con was a bit too cold (very cold indeed). Thanks HSK for bringing me to this restaurant.

Kocha Taiwanese Delight
229, Jalan Burmah,
10350 Penang.
Tel: 04-2275048


After the dinner, with a bulging stomach, HSK drove me around the city. Car Ride! Great! He was like a tour guide liao, introducing every single piece of landmark in the city. Round for 30 minutes, then we stopped at Esplanade (Old Gurney Drive) for rojak.

He told me the rojak cost RM5. For me in PJ, I can get huge amount of fruits for RM3.80. So I expected a big portion for the money that we are paying. When it arrived, I looked at HSK, "huh? so little only ar?". Then he said that the squid was the one that hike up the price.

The rojak consisted of jambu batu, jambu air (dem sour), buah pala (erm, not my liking), squid, grill squid (love this piece), pineapple and yao char kuai (love this crunchy thingy too). The sauce was just nice, not too thick and not too watery. Not bad actually.

I was dem full half way eating the rojak, HSK stopped me by saying, "if full then dont eat already, if not will vomit back out". He said his gf experienced it before. So geng! Full until vomit back out. I heard before drink too much (beer), will vomit back out. But first time I heard of this. Then boy boy must be scolding me, "cannot eat dont eat too much la", like I always scold him, "cannot drink then dont drink la!" Hahaha.

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