Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kafe Long Grill Fish - NZX

Since Calvin said Long Grill Fish cafe not bad (he tried on New Year Eve), I asked him to bring me there again. The place was not crowded and we manage to get seats easily. So, if next time you feel super hungry and scare all other restaurant full house, you can come here. Hehe.

Look at their apperance in newspaper. The chairs and tables are well covered with cloth. By the look of it, I though I have entered a high class restaurant. Not to worry, Long Grill offers pretty affordable dishes ranging from chinese to western.

Deep Fried Fermented Beancurd Spare Ribs (Nam Yu Pai Guat) RM12. Aiyo, this dish really super salty. Although fermented beancurd supposed to be salty but this is over the edge liao. Even when I ate it with rice also cannot cover the salty taste. Futhermore, I think they over fried it until the pork meat for super dry.

Japanese Escargots (RM15). They gave huge amount of garlic plus butter sauce and quite a lot of escargots. I cannot compare this to the ones served in VS as VS is at another pricing range already. However, Long's escargots have their own unique taste as well. Actually, I love this one also.

Kangkung Belacan (RM6). Normal.

Cik Kong Chicken (RM8), another Long's specialty. The sticky marinated sauce of the chicken was sweet and not bad in term of taste.

Singapore Chilli Crab (RM27.60 for 2 crabs), another Long's specialty dish. It was somewhat looked like spicy and sour sauce. However, it was more sour than spicy and it became like Pork Trotter Vinegar ('Ju Kiok Chou') already. Knowing me, I dont like all the food that confinement women take, so I dont fancy this sauce by Long. Despite that, the crab was fresh and it was priced quite reasonable cheap.

Bun to dip with the sauce (RM0.50 each). It was so dem small. TP has better bun than them.

At the end of the meal, they served us fruits (papaya, watermelon and honey dew). Kwei was suprised as they didnt have this free fruits that day. Hehe.

Whatever said, I still wanna go back to this restaurant to try other stuffs. Good environment, good price, and some good food. Hehe.

Long Grill Fish Kafe
69G, Jalan 1A/4B,
Pusat Dagang NZX,
PJU 1A, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7885 0252


See, I really went and bought Magnum u know. Just to try my luck. Bought my own car plate number.

Anyhow, didnt kena anything tiem. Sad. Poor Me. No luck. Screw the screw!

Never mind, I still get to drink bird nest boiled by my mum. Sweet!

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