Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys and gals! Although is one day late, but is better than nothing right? Hehe.

2008 for me has been a smooth year, nothing spectacular and nothing bad:


The biggest decision that I had made for 2008 was to change my job. Yup, I have quited as a salesman and jumped ship to an office job. 3 years in the salesline, there were ups and downs, I have learnt a lot and met lots of people, and experience all kind of stuffs. Thank you for the people who has lent me a helping hand before, and thank you the customers who had been very nice and kind to me.

The most valuable thing that I have taken from my previous company is the friendships that I have gained from there. Although we cant be colleagues, but we are friends now. Thank you all of you (you know who you are) for letting me into your circle of friends. Miss you all!


Relationship with boy boy has been a smooth one despite some bumps, small bumps only la, not to worry. No big arguments. No big fights.


Having a weak stomach, I am not surprise that I had food poisoning, stomach blotted, gastric in 2008. These things happened once in a while. Flu was quite common as well in 2008 due to unpredictable weather conditions.

Misc - Online Shopping

I was exposed to online shopping in mid-2008, and I was addicted to it. Hahaha. I was surprised that these online blogshop are mushrooming here, and I thanked them for that as I get to catch up with the latest trend. I was out-of-control for 5 months (I bought, and bought, and bought) for shopping online until recently only I started to control myself (as I saw much more cheaper pricing stuffs in Sg Wang).

Indeed, online shopping was a good experience. The sellers that I had bought things from were all very nice and friendly. Until now, I still buy things online provided I feel the things are reasonable and cheap.

Misc - Blogging

And I have started my own blog in 2008! Never really expect myself to be part of the blogosphere. I enjoy writing since I was young. The only thing is that I cant write like a jounalist. But never mind, I will strive to become one heck of a good writer --> writing in my own language. Hehe.

After I became a blogger, I notice that people refuse to take pictures with me liao as they scare the photos will be posted up on my blog. The farnie part is that if you take pictures with your friends, your pictures also will be posted in Facebook also ma. FB got more people can see your pictures wo, why dont wanna be featured in my blog lei? My blog's traffic not as high as FB wo.


2009 Resolution

Anyhow, life still goes on no matter what. On new year resolution, I normally do not make one as I know I wont follow it. Hahaha. However, I do have one 2009 resolution though ....

My resolution for 2009 is to......


Yup, straight to the point! And there is only one person in the whole world who can grant me this wish. :P

p/s: Being 'bai siong toi' by me again. You can ignore this as this is my resolution only, not my 'enforcement'.


annie said...

Siew Mun, you will not only be engaged this year, but also married this year. HEHEHE...

Mich said...

wah "Get myself engaged" Scott may pretend he never read this entry at all