Sunday, January 18, 2009

Esprit & edc

Saturday in Pyramid, my bro spotted a green shorts in Espirit Pyramid, and cost him RM250. However, Esprit Club member get to enjoy 20% discount on regular priced items as well as discounted items. My bro, being a person who calculates extremely well, do not want to purchase the item at original price. Then I thought of Chean2 who owned an Esprit card.

The promotion is valid until Sunday only, and I have to go and collect the card from Chean2. So, she gave us her membership number and name and suggested us to tell the promoter that we didnt bring our card. My bro went in to Espirit again trying the tactic. It did not succeed though. My bro was so disappointed. This Espirit, got money also dont wanna earn...stupid. Anyhow, we totally understand the situation, they cant oppose their own rules right? No card = No discount.

Then, Sunday came. When I came back from dimsum at 9.30am, my bro was awake and bathing already, a bit da surprise to me as he usually sleeps until 11am. After bathing, he told me, "Jie, let's go 1U, I managed to get the Esprit card from Mich".

There we went ... straight into 1U Espirit. Again, my bro was disappointed again as the shorts that he wanted was not there! So we thought it might be edc outlet in the new wing. Before we left, my bro tried the jeans there, and yes, he bought a pair of jeans that has 20% discount with the edc card.

So we proceeded to edc in the new wing. Woop! My bro saw his desired pants. Actually the pants just arrived on Friday so there were a lot of sizes available. He tried, and he bought it. While waiting for my bro, I see see look look and ended bought a shirt for my boy boy as his bday present as well.

My bro commented the service offered in Espirit 1U and edc 1U was way much better than the one in Pyramid. The promoters in Pyramid was not friendly and helpful at all, my bro said they were a bit 'chuien' (ego), like dont want to do business like that. Although my bro dressed in short pants and Japanese slippers doesnt mean that he cant afford your 'prestigious' brand ok. If you judge him by his look, you were making a huge mistake. On the other hand, the promoters in 1U were totally opposite, super friendly and super helpful.

Yet again, another issue of people in the service line does not offer good service. Enough said. I think my bro will not go back to Espirit Pyramid even if he were to buy Espirit in the future.


After leaving edc, we went to the information counter to redeem angpow packets. Each person is only entitled to one pack per. Luckily we had 2 receipts (one from Espirit, one from edc), we got 2. Then the counter guy told us to go to Nippon counter to redeem 5L paint.

Since the counter was just behind (both of us were in a hurry actually as I need to rush to Absolute Bazaar), we thought the paint was just a small tin, we quickly lined up and wait for the redemption. Then the counter girl took out a huge tin of paint and gave it to the uncle in front of us. Me and my bro was so shocked, dem big tin wei! 1 tin cost around RM100+. We were so lucky that we got 2 tins. Unlucky thing was my bro has to carry the 2 heavy tins, walked from new wing back to old wing. Hehe, poor him.

When we reached home, my mum saw us:

Mum: Why buy paint again? (Actually we painted the house 2 weeks ago).

Bro: is free one.

Mum: Wah, so good ar? Then we can paint the house again!

Me and my bro: =.="

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