Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dragon-i Restaurant - Sunway Pyramid

Daddy wanted to try Canton-i as he read from newspaper said that it was dem good. We found Canton-i in the directory so we went and searched for it. Mana tahu it is under renovation. Disappointed daddy said eat Dragon-i then. So, I have been eating Shanghai-based theme restaurant for 3 days consecutively: One Noodle, Shanghai 10 and this.

Shanghai Dumpling (Siu Long Bao) - RM9. We ordered 2 serve as daddy said one serve is not enough. I think that Dragon-i siu long bao is up to standard, not like other restaurant wanna tipu their customers by simply doing a dumpling and named it siu long bao. The siu long bao was very large and lots of soup in it. Nice.

Hot Oil Meat Dumpling (RM12). This dish's special sauce is not sauce, but oil in red color. When I ate this dish in Dragon-i a year ago (my mum ordered it), I thought it was very geli coz the dish was flooded with oil. But the moment I ate it, it was so tasty. Today's one was the same as well.

Braised Pork Rib La Mien (RM15). The soup was bland, and my bro commented that the La Mien has a farnie taste.

Stew Minced Pork Ball La Mien (RM18). It came in a claypot and the presentation was nice. But the taste decieved the look. It was bland as well. My mum has to mix the red oil from the dumpling above to get some additional flavour.

Next time better just settle with the shanghai appetizer and fried rice that they offer as the La Mien was really out of standard (Shanghai 10 La Mien is the best). No doubt, it would still be my favourite place for a quick bite as CIMB bank has 10% discount. So next time if you wanna eat Dragon-i, please bring me along so that you can get that discount. Hahaha.

Dragon-i Restaurant
G1.43, Ground Floor Sunway Pyramid,
3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway.
Tel: 74923688

(Located at the Old Wing, near the ice skating ring)

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