Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY Family Photos

On the first day of CNY, it has been our family 'tradition' to take family potrait since I was young, very young indeed, around 8 years old maybe. Starting last few years, normally we will have a theme, sometimes color or sometimes cheongsam. However, this year both the family didnt 'kap mai' (plan ahead) on the theme, so there were two distinct difference between the two families.

The Chow family do have a theme though: White plus chinese traditional clothing. On the other hand, the Loh family has a mixture of colors. Hahaha.

Note our newly painted wall.

Oh ya, we have to serve our parents a cup of tea each and say some auspicious words in order to get our angpows. This thing started a few years ago when my mum started believing in Lilian Too. Futhermore, she stressed that if we didnt brush our teeth, do not wish her Gong Xi Fa Chai, as it is not auspicious. Plus, we have to eat some sweet stuffs first when we wake up.

My sis was very farnie one, she always complained that we said all her auspicious words before her (she was the last one who serve the tea usually). So, this year I allowed her to go first, but she still struggled for words. =.="

This year I took lots of photos of myself with some of my CNY dresses. Make up myself early in the morning then changed to all sort of dresses and tried to pose for photoshoot. I have 50 photos of myself in 1 hour time. Terrer lei.

Our durian tree. Grow up fast fast and bear lots of durians! and my bro will super love u wei.

My dresses are not for sale, but my necklace is. All the necklaces were hand-made by my mum. She has earring and bracelet as well, but I lazy to wear them. Hehe. Whoever interested, she can custom make one for you at an affordable pricing.

So she took out a matching necklace according to the color of the dress that I wore for photoshoot.

Woop, I have nice thin legs too! Not bad eh....

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