Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another New Born!

Another long awaited baby being borned on January 15th. Welcome to the world darling! Congrats to Calvin and Annie, for being proud parents of a baby girl!

Once my bro and I reached the hospital room, her eyes were opened so big! "Ngan Chai Look Look". The first reaction I told Calvin and Annie was, "Wooo....she got lots of hair! No need to worry". See, her mohawk hair style! Very strong hair strands indeed, can stand on its own.

OMG, look at her, she was laughing at the camera! Aiyaya.... 1 day old already know how to pose for photoshoot tiem. Adorable, isnt she?

New born baby girl's stroller - a gift from:

Uncle KaWeng,
Uncle YewWeng,
Uncle Nikky,
Uncle Kinyu,
SiewMun JieJie.

Hope she likes it!


Nikky said...

Hey, why all guys must be called uncle, then you can be called jie jie. Not fair ler.

maro^gal said...

hahhaa... i was about to ask this too

how come you are jie jie and others are uncle... lolz

suen la.... auntie.... dont tipu baby.... :p

69-Remon said...

when baby 5 years old.. SiewMun jie jie becomes Mrs Renji edi..

Calvin said...

may be baby 1 years old, she already become Mrs Renji

Calvin said...

is better to have baby at early age. At least got the energy to take care. I cant imagine if wait till mid 30 only deliver first baby.

69-Remon said...

become Mrs Renji edi, dunno got gained the power to bankai or not..