Sunday, January 11, 2009

Annual Dinner 2009

The day has come! I waited, and waited and wait and it has finally arrived.


My company Annual Dinner 2009 baring the 60s and 70s plus Mama Mia theme.

PY and I getting ourselves ready in the office. We do indeed looked like twins that day. She is the only girl that dont allow me to curl her lashes throughout my life in the makeup industry. She was scared that I 'ter-kiap' her eye. =.=" She really wanna break my records.

I tried on orange eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes and brown eyeshadow on the outer corner, looked natural though. I gave PY yellow eyeshadow on inner corner and orange on the outer corner. Turned out not bad wo. She can carry out this striking look as she is still young.

Hehe. See the stuffs that I had bought last year - Dress, bangles, shawl, white leggings, and earrings except my Elements shoes and white retro cap that I had bought long time ago and didnt wear it. Last night was the change to showcase my 'retro' cap. Matched it with my 'short' hair (I pulled back the long ones and left the short ones hanging), viola! Do I look like the 60s girl?

Our dinner was held in Sheraton Imperial Hotel. Our door gift was wrapped nicely with orange ribbons and a Mama Mia badge.

That was the backdrop that day. Supposingly there was a retro 'motorbike' (I forgotten what it is called already, I think something like Vaspar like that) in front of the backdrop. The photos were taken by a professional photographer hired by my company. The photo below was taken after the dinner, so no more motorbike. However, PY has a photo of it, will upload PY's photos in Facebook later.

The moment SR saw our outfit in the office, he commented we looks like some characters in Austin Power - Fook Me and Fook You. Can you recall? The Chinese twins that were introduced to Austin Power during a party?

Angela with us. Note the striking orange wig behind us.

Fazzil with his retro a-go-go look.

Norma with her retro look. Very feathery. I was shocked by her look as she covers her hair up with tudung during office hours. First time seeing her with 'hair' though. By the way, she won the Best Dress for the women category last night. 2 years in a row. Terrer! Congrats Kak Norma.

MG and RI.

Marlia (bottom right).

That's SR and Angela. Yup, he asked us again which one is FU and which one is FM.

Siau Ching, our IT department girl. Once we grabbed her for a photo, she qucikly put on her retro specky and handbag.

Trying out the photography without flash.
MG, my manager.

Herry came out to distribute some retro colourful wig and speckys to those who didnt dress retro-ly.
Andrew was one of the recipients. Haha. Giving thumbs up somemore.

Radziah. One of the performer of the night.

Group photo of the same department with the best dress lady who is from the same department as well.

Some photos taking in the toilet. PY's camera has more photos in nicer angle. She has started to learn to do camwhoring with me. Hahaha. Guess when you are with makeup, you can take as many photos as you like. Same goes to me!

Farid, with his pink afro hair. I really never expect him to be so sporting. Hahaha.

My company was giving away 5 Toshiba 32" Plasma TV worth RM2,000 as lucky draw that night. Guess what.... my buddy PY got the last one! So dem lucky. I was ejek-ing her while her number was announced. I told her that if she win a tv, she cant take lrt back home already.

The whole night she couldnt close her mouth, cause she was laughing all the time. And she laughed all the way home. Wakakaka. Guys, please join me in congratulating her. We will go to her house and play PS next time.

Look at her! Not the real TV also she hugged like the real one. Envy her!!!!!

While waiting for Scott to pick us up, we took some photos in the hotel lobby.

Well, a good night, good party, good friends, and good environment. Happy Happy.

P/S: I would be more happier if I have won a plasma tv. Still envy PY.

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Phui Yee said...

eee...why i look so ugly in all the pic? I should have send you the pic inside my camera as they look better! lol..Btw, thanks for your professional skill. Hahaha..