Thursday, January 29, 2009

All's Well Ends Well (2009)

How can a Chinese New Year be completed without a CNY Movie right? My family and I decided to watch All's Well Ends Well. Before the show, we went to Nyonya Colors to have a quick breakfast.

Dad's nasi lemak bungkus was not nice.

Cucur Udang was not crispy.

Siam Meehoon was nothing but super sour.

Kuih was original.

Enough said for this restaurant. Lousy.

All's Well Ends Well ('Ga Yao Hei Si') is the third installment (if I am not mistaken) of the well-known comedy in 1992. The cast this time consist of Sandra Ng and Raymond Wong (old casts), with the new addition of Louis Koo, Ronald Cheng and two pretty girls (dont know their names).

I read from newspaper that Sandra Ng accepted to act in the film when approached by Raymond Wong even without having the script yet. Sandra, being a mother now, still managed to have some charm in this movie, but not as 'sor poh' (crazy) as last time already. Last time she acted as Raymond Wong's wife but now as Ronald Cheng's sister. A bit not ngam to me. Hehe.

Louis Koo, who is the King of Comedy for the generation, really shines in this movie. In his previous comedy, he couldnt control his laughter when he was cracking a joke. However, in this movie, he didnt even smile when he was cracking a joke or doing something farnie. Indeed, he has improved. His role has over shadow Ronald Cheng's role. I specifically likes Louis in his boxer briefs scene. Soooo Cute!

Raymond Wong, who has become fatter in this movie, only appeared half way through the movie. He was like guest appearance like that. Wasted his talent. There were a few other guest appearances throughout movie, do take note.

This movie was one of the better CNY movie for the past few years. The jokes weren't lame and the plot was quite creative I can say. Wish they could add in more addition to the family actually. Previous AWEW has 3 brothers in the family, each has their own love story. This AWEW definately is a good watch for this CNY as the whole cinema was burst with laughter.

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