Sunday, January 18, 2009

Absolute Bazaar - Subang 3k Inn Hotel

Heard that the first Absolute Bazaar was a hit 2 months ago, there were 40 stalls, and hundreds of people, and caused massive jam around that area. (Absolute Bazaar is a bazaar for online blogshops to sell their clothing offline). This time around, only 20 stalls participated. I ajak SzeTing to go along with me as she hasnt buy new year clothes yet. So, her sis tagged along as well.

We reached there around 12pm. The hall actually was quite small, and was quite packed. The clothes racks were everywhere and there was not enough space for customers to stand and browse through / walk around. It almost like a warehouse sales. I noted that some stalls were full of people browsing their clothings while some were empty.

Once we entered the shop, we turn left. We stopped at 'Miss Shopaholic Closet'. I always love how they present their clothing on the website, they really spend time to mix and match the clothing together to give few different types of look. Their price was reasonable as well. However, I couldnt find anything to my liking in this stall. I returned second time and searched through it again, but still couldnt find anything. Too bad.

Second stop was 'Jen's Closet'. The clothings that they offered can cater for UK size 10 - 12 (I am UK size 8), which is ST and her sis size as well. There were 2 racks and 2 of them searched through the clothes and tried as well. The owner, Jennifer was so friendly. We stopped at this shop for like 30minutes. Ended up I bought a pair of checkered leggings from her, RM14. ST's sis bought like 3 dresses if I am not mistaken, a bag and a leggings, and ST bought a dress.

Jennifer was so kind, not only she gave us discount, but she gave G-strings for free as well! It was like ST got 3 free, ST's sis got 5, and I got 2! Although we said we dont wear it, but Jen still stuffed the G-strings into our plastic bags. On top of that, ST and her sis got to choose for themselves a cap for free! Super customer service. After that, ST's sis said she has done her shopping (she got the 1st dress from MSC).

Bought this long top from Vego. Priced at RM23, and ST bought a dress priced at RM42. The owner gave us discount RM5 as a whole.

I saw 'French Kiss' stall too. The owner was pretty and tall young lady, who was very friendly as well. Keep on asking us to try her clothes. We did actually, but it just doesnt suit. Love her shop's clothings as well and the photography taken at her blog was natural and nice. Too bad, I couldnt buy anything from her. Sorry ya babe.

Last stop before we walked out, we stopped at 'Kiss & Tell' plus "Sugar Dressings' (sharing the same booth) at the exit there. While searching at their Clearance rack, found this yellow dress for RM20. What a bargain! Besides, ST bought a kimono inspired dress for RM25 at this rack as well. Oh ya, they gave their customer mandarin orange as gift.

Actually, I was looking for Oxford boots, hoping to find one here. However, I saw only 3 shops selling them and only 1 size left, and it was not my size! Geramnya. A bit da disappointed. Sob sob ...

The only thing that I dont like is some shops didnt put the price on their clothings. When I searched through the clothes, of course I will look for the price tag first before I decide whether it is worth to buy or not. If I keep on asking you the price of each and every piece of clothes, of course you would be pissed off by me.

Some of the blogshop owners were nice and assisted us throughout the clothes fitting session, and they were very friendly. Some just sat at their seat and let the customers browse through their shirts. Another thing was that you can negotiate the price and all of them will give discount! Maybe they wanna clear off the stocks as CNY is approaching lei.

Another dress that I bought from an online shop via online few days ago. Totally in love with kimono-inspired goodies.

This pair of shoes bought from Pyramid Viss for RM30 after 50% discount.

An absolute shopaholic, am I?

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