Friday, January 30, 2009

Tony Roma's - Cineleisure

Boy boy suddenly said wanna eat Chillis or Tony Roma's, then I asked why wanna eat so expensive food. He said he won some money so he wanna eat something nicer. So I chose TR in Cineleisure. We were seated at a quiet corner.

Boy boy wanna order Cod Fish but the waitress said Cod Fish is unavailable that day, and she recommended us to try their new menu. But I said it was all beef, and she said they can change it to chicken. Ooo... that's good! So boy boy ordered this, "Surf & Turf". The most expensive burger in the bunch (RM26.90), other burgers were RM23.90. (I think he knows that I love prawns, so he ordered this).

Boy boy ordered free flow of coke (RM6.90) and I ordered Tropical Orange Freeze. This freeze tasted normal only, not much orange flavour but huge flavour of coconut taste. Dont know why also. I hate anything with coconut except the fresh coconut drink. Doesnt fancy this one.

House Caeser Salad (RM9.90). Not bad. You wont go wrong with caesar salad.

Chicken Surf and Turf (RM23.90). Note the price, they didnt charge us RM26.90. I only noticed it while I am typing this post. I think it was because we changed from beef to chicken gua. Anyway, it smell nice when it arrived.

When we open the top bun, we were shocked by the amount of prawns that were given! Total of 9 pieces of it! Wah...TR is super generous wei. Compared to the picture above, the prawns served was like triple the picture. This is the first time that I have eaten something that the real thing is way better than its look in the picture.

Lots of onions, and lots of fries. The chicken was not dry at all. The sauce on the prawns was tastey. The only complain was the vegetables given were too little. Despite that, it was a totally outrageous burger that can blow us away!

Southern Bank credit cards are entitled to RM10% off. The service was very good that day. The waiter was very proactive, he offered to refill boy boy's coke even it was not empty. Compared to the service when I last visited, they have improved a lot, as the service last time sux big time.

Thanks boy boy for the treat! Next time win more money then we can eat again! Hahaha.

Tony Roma's Restaurant
Lot G-29 (II), G-32 & G-33,
Ground Floor, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 77287833

Dave's Pizza - One Utama

After watching All's Well Ends Well, I suggested dad to eat Canton-i for lunch as dad wanted to eat it for quite a while already. When we reached there, the Q was quite long, and we dont feel like waiting. So we look at the restaurant located beside called Dave's. This restaurant was being blogged by the famous blogger KS, and the comments were very good. Since my mum is a loyal reader of KS, so she wanted to try out this restaurant as well.

The price of this restaurant is like Italiannies price, RM40 and above for steaks. The pastas are priced at RM20 - RM30 range like that. Now they are having 50% off promotion on pasta dishes. That's why we saw a lot of people coming in that day to order pasta dishes, and the amount served was quite big.

Sis ordered Chocolate Banana Milkshake (RM10). Erm...a bit over priced hor for this drink.

Their kitchen is open concept. Although the guests get to see what is going on in the kitchen plus the hygieness in it, but I somehow or rather dont like this concept. Although they have a chamber to absorb the smoke, it will have some that the chamber didnt manage to capture, and it will flow to the dining hall. And it will make my clothes and hair smell.

Ham Mayo Pizza regular size (RM30). There was a wide variety of pizza to choose from with a selection of 4 sizes: regular, large, XL and XXL if I am not mistaken. We ordered this because it was bracketed beside the title "Chef's signature". By the first look of it, it looked like Hawaiian Pizza. But the moment I took the first bite, it instantly became a hit! Totally hundred miles away from the Pizza hut / shakey's or other Italian restaurant's Hawaiian Pizza.

The pizza crust was crunchy and not too thin and not too thick, just nice. The mayonaise that they used added with honey, thus the sweet taste. Quite cheesy but dont have the strong cheese smell that you feel like vomit. My mum and dad praise this pizza super tastey.

Pork Belly Shaving (RM18). This was an appetizer actually. Served together with mustard and scramble eggs. The pork belly has a strong smell of pork. With the dip of the mustard also doesnt help in the taste of the pork. Texture looks like bacon but it doesnt taste like bacon. A bit too salty to my liking. When we almost finished this dish, a splash of oil was accumulated at the bottom, erm...geli.

King Loin Chop (RM45), served with assorted vegetables, marinated potato pieces and mashed potato. The mashed potato was buttery, yum yum. Two big pieces of pork chop was given, and it was very flavourful even by itself and the meat was tender and juicy. The sauce (small jug of sauce was provided) added the extra omph to the pork as the sauce has some wine in it as well. This dish did not disappoint us and well worth the money.

A total different taste of Italian dishes, which are absolutely tastey. My mum kept on saying wanna come back for second visit. She is a more fussy eater than me, you know. By her, saying that sentence means that this restaurant really worth visiting.

Dave's Pizza
Lot G 209, 1-Utama,
Bandar Utama.
Tel: 77254017

Thursday, January 29, 2009

All's Well Ends Well (2009)

How can a Chinese New Year be completed without a CNY Movie right? My family and I decided to watch All's Well Ends Well. Before the show, we went to Nyonya Colors to have a quick breakfast.

Dad's nasi lemak bungkus was not nice.

Cucur Udang was not crispy.

Siam Meehoon was nothing but super sour.

Kuih was original.

Enough said for this restaurant. Lousy.

All's Well Ends Well ('Ga Yao Hei Si') is the third installment (if I am not mistaken) of the well-known comedy in 1992. The cast this time consist of Sandra Ng and Raymond Wong (old casts), with the new addition of Louis Koo, Ronald Cheng and two pretty girls (dont know their names).

I read from newspaper that Sandra Ng accepted to act in the film when approached by Raymond Wong even without having the script yet. Sandra, being a mother now, still managed to have some charm in this movie, but not as 'sor poh' (crazy) as last time already. Last time she acted as Raymond Wong's wife but now as Ronald Cheng's sister. A bit not ngam to me. Hehe.

Louis Koo, who is the King of Comedy for the generation, really shines in this movie. In his previous comedy, he couldnt control his laughter when he was cracking a joke. However, in this movie, he didnt even smile when he was cracking a joke or doing something farnie. Indeed, he has improved. His role has over shadow Ronald Cheng's role. I specifically likes Louis in his boxer briefs scene. Soooo Cute!

Raymond Wong, who has become fatter in this movie, only appeared half way through the movie. He was like guest appearance like that. Wasted his talent. There were a few other guest appearances throughout movie, do take note.

This movie was one of the better CNY movie for the past few years. The jokes weren't lame and the plot was quite creative I can say. Wish they could add in more addition to the family actually. Previous AWEW has 3 brothers in the family, each has their own love story. This AWEW definately is a good watch for this CNY as the whole cinema was burst with laughter.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Red Cliff 2009

Once in awhile, we need to splurge a bit and that day we had a reason to splurge. Boy boy bought 2 movie tickets online from GSC Signature at The Gardens. Nope, we didnt buy Gold class ticket which cost freaking RM60, we still couldnt justify the amount of it for a movie. We bought premier class tickets instead that only cost RM20 each. So, for RM40, we got a comfortable couple seat for a 2 1/2 hour movie. Justifiable right?

The seats were really comfortable. Even I put my big bag beside me, I still have enough space to put my legs on the chair and lean on boy boy. The only thing that I dont like was half way of the movie, people tend to go toilet, and these people has to cross over in front of me (I was in the middle row, and the row on my left cannot exit, so they have to cross over and exit at the row on my right). Cross over never mind, this freaking idiot kicked my high heels off and my heels fell to the bottom of the front seats. Stupid. Then boy boy has to bend down and take my heels. Other people might be thinking what is he doing, wanna humsap the girl seating in front maybe?

The popcorn and coke cost RM3 higher than normal GSC cinemas, plus it doesnt taste any better than that also. Bringing in the Premier tagline, of coz everything has to be 'premier' right, include the price of the food. The waiting lounge was a bit small, and they wont allow us to go in until the very last minute of the showing time of the movie. So, if I were to watch next time, I would rather wait at the waiting lounge downstairs (which were quite empty) until the show time.

I did not watch Red Cliff Part I because I dont really like Lin Chi Ling. While boy boy was watching it on DVD, I only managed to watch the last part where the 'Pa Gua' strategy was used during the fighting scene. Plus, I do not read the story of 3 kingdoms, so I wouldnt know the story of each character. I only know Zhao Zi Long story as I watched the movie acted by Andy Lau last time. Since boy boy was so interested in the movie (partly because of Lin ChiLing), I teman him watched Part II.

Despite the struggling to differentiate which one is Zhao Zi Long, Guan Yu, and few other characters (see, I even forgotten their names). I pretty much enjoyed the whole movie. Although the fighting war scene came at the last part, the strategy and tactics used to attack Cao Cao was really fascinating.

I love Tony Leong but he appeared a bit old in this movie (in fact, he is ma, hor?). The poster below showed his young face after massive photoshop-ing.

Boy boy's favourite character, or maybe favourite actress (is she?). Cant comment much because I had a grudge on her since long time ago. Hehe.

I enjoyed watching Takeshi Kaneshiro as well. Although he doesnt seems quite fit into acting Zhu GeLiang, but I think he carried out pretty well. He has instill some cute elements into this character. I doubt that the real Zhu GeLiang is this handsome. Takeshi is the most handsome Zhu GeLiang by far. Love his reaction during the arrow-collecting scene in the ship.

All and all, a good movie that can never be missed this year. Besides, is a short cut to learn history as well.

Ninja Jones - Mid Valley

When planning for boy boy's birthday dinner, it was not a difficult task at all! Knowing him who loves Japanese food, finding a nice Japanese restaurant was easy. I remembered Nicole strongly recommended Ninja Jones in Mid Valley Northpoint 1 year ago. I didnt try it because I know the price was a bit steep. Now, finally I have a reason to splurge a bit.

I made a reservation and requested for a quiet place. Indeed, when we reached, they urshered us to second floor and we were seated at the far end corner of the floor. We went in around 6.45pm and we were the only customer until 7.30pm, then some tables were occupied. During that time, I was worried that I have entered into a bad quality restaurant. Since Nicole said it was so good, how come no customers geh? On the other hand, we felt like we have reserved the whole restaurant for our own like that. Hehe.

Seeing their restaurant name, the waiters in the restaurant do dress like Ninjas. Black mask, black bandana, black suit and black shoes. Why Ninjas are always in black but not the characters in Naruto? Naruto and his mates also ninja what.

The waitress passed us a menu for drinks first, and we ordered ocha. The ocha was FOC, I didnt see the charges in my bill. Plus, it was free-flow as well. After we ordered the drinks, then only she passed us the food menu. When I flipped open, the range of food that Ninja Jones offered was intensive! Ranging from appetizers, salad, sushi, grill stuffs, wahyu beef, and dinner sets. Each pages were filled with pictures. It made it easier for me to choose the food according to the 'beautifulness' of the food presented in pictures. Picture speaks a thousand words.

Once we ordered, we were served with a small plate of cold dish. I do not know what it was, but I sure like the taste of it.

California Temaki (RM7). Quite a big chunk actually, but taste wise was normal. Nothing special. However, boy boy said the preserved ginger tasted very good.

Agedashi Tofu (RM10). It came in 2 big pieces. The tofu texture was very solid, it did not break into small pieces when we used chopstick and grabbed it. The outer layer was well marinated, it was not super sweet and not super salty. It tasted just nice.

Salmon Tofu Nabe (RM20). The ingredients (variety of mushrooms, tofu, salmon and vege) and the soup was put on top of a piece of paper. This paper was placed on top of a fire to boil it up. The soup was sweet due to the ingredients, the longer I boiled, the sweeter the soup was. However, I think I do not like the soup taste, it somehow taste weird to me. This is strictly personal taste, coz boy boy thought the soup was ok.

Eringi Ninniku Shoyu Grill (RM18), translated into grill king mushroom. Once boy boy and I ate the first piece, it was an instant hit! Super tastey! The mushroom was marinated with lots of garlic paste, thus giving it a strong tint of garlic taste. Being a super garlic lover, this dish was dem good! However, the mushroom became saltier and saltier as the longer it was grilled. No doubt, this is the best grill mushroom ever as I didnt taste such nice grill mushroom anywhere before. A total must order next time!

Soft Shell Crab Kari Kari Age (RM18). The crab was super soft compared to the ones in Zanmai. It was a bit salty but it was tolerable.

Boy boy ordered Sashimi and Tempura set (RM48). Actually I already half expected he will order sashimi and to my expectation, he initially ordered Sashimi set. At the end, he changed to Sashimi plus tempura. I think he knows that I love to eat tempura, and I didnt order any tempura, so he changed to the set with tempura. When it arrived, he straight away gave me the one and only prawn tempura. sweet of him.

The set also comes with a bowl of salad and a cup of chawanmushi. The dressings on top of the salad tasted very nice as it was garlic-ky (garlic again!). Unique taste, prefer this rather than the western style thousand island dressings. The chawanmushi was ok.
The prawn that they gave was quite a big piece. Although tempuras were fried, but this was not oily at all. Mixed with the sauce, it was nice.

5 types of sashimi. I asked boy boy what is the difference between Zanmai sashimi and Ninja Jones. He said almost the same, both also are fresh and same size (but I think NJ served thicker slice of sashimi). Means that next time we will just eat Zanmai sashimi lor like that, which is like 40% cheaper than NJ. Hehe.

With the amount of food filled up our table, I think I over-ordered the food. Hehe. Maybe I knew that I wont be coming back for second visit in near future (as the price was a bit steep), therefore I wanted to taste more dishes while I was there. See, the amount of food, I couldnt even capture ALL the food we ordered into one shot. And I was sooo dem full!

That's the problem when my camera ended up at boy boy's hand. He simply simply took my photo without asking me to pose first. Dem!

Say la when you wanna take picture, then I would pose like this!

Boy boy, unlike me, I already told him that I wanna take picture of him already, and he considered this as posing liao, then he complained not nice. SWT!

It was a nice dinner and we had a good conversation during the dinner. Having been with him for so many years, he still managed to surprise me with his new childhood stories and experiences. I used to talk the most usually (being a chatty person), but today he did talk quite a bit. Not that I dominate the whole conversation, but the fact is he likes to listen to me, :P. If I keep quiet, he would be thinking something bad or sad happened to me, and he would be panic. I like to hear him talk though, like to hear his voice.

It's good to have a quiet and high class dinner once in a while to refresh the relationship (not that my relationship has gone bad, mind you). Is a similar concept when couples have a getaway trip to somewhere to refresh the relationship.

As a whole, Ninja Jones was a good recommendation by Nicole, in fact, it does lived up to my expectation actually. NJ charges 10% service charge, but they provide free ocha and free wet towel.

Ninja Jones Japanese Restaurant
A-G-5, Ground Floor, Northpoint,
Mid Vally City, No. 1, Medan Syed Putra Utara,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 22881646

CNY Family Photos

On the first day of CNY, it has been our family 'tradition' to take family potrait since I was young, very young indeed, around 8 years old maybe. Starting last few years, normally we will have a theme, sometimes color or sometimes cheongsam. However, this year both the family didnt 'kap mai' (plan ahead) on the theme, so there were two distinct difference between the two families.

The Chow family do have a theme though: White plus chinese traditional clothing. On the other hand, the Loh family has a mixture of colors. Hahaha.

Note our newly painted wall.

Oh ya, we have to serve our parents a cup of tea each and say some auspicious words in order to get our angpows. This thing started a few years ago when my mum started believing in Lilian Too. Futhermore, she stressed that if we didnt brush our teeth, do not wish her Gong Xi Fa Chai, as it is not auspicious. Plus, we have to eat some sweet stuffs first when we wake up.

My sis was very farnie one, she always complained that we said all her auspicious words before her (she was the last one who serve the tea usually). So, this year I allowed her to go first, but she still struggled for words. =.="

This year I took lots of photos of myself with some of my CNY dresses. Make up myself early in the morning then changed to all sort of dresses and tried to pose for photoshoot. I have 50 photos of myself in 1 hour time. Terrer lei.

Our durian tree. Grow up fast fast and bear lots of durians! and my bro will super love u wei.

My dresses are not for sale, but my necklace is. All the necklaces were hand-made by my mum. She has earring and bracelet as well, but I lazy to wear them. Hehe. Whoever interested, she can custom make one for you at an affordable pricing.

So she took out a matching necklace according to the color of the dress that I wore for photoshoot.

Woop, I have nice thin legs too! Not bad eh....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reunion Dinner 2009

My family has been eating out for Reunion Dinner for the past few years. Last time, there was only one or two restaurant open on CNY eve, so there wasnt much choices then. Now, there were like more than 10 restaurants open on CNY eve. Guess everyone wants to earn money though. I think with the increased foreign labour intake, all the restaurants can afford to open on CNY eve: cheap labour + they dont need to celebrate CNY.

Plus, most of the restaurants arrange the dinner in 2 session for that night ie. first session at 6pm and second session at 8pm. Can? These people really know how to make money. PY told me that in Kuantan, the restaurant only do one session and the customer can come in anytime. There is no time limit for you to come in or finish the food. Plus, there will have karaoke session after 10.30pm, and anyone can sing. I guess the business mindset for people in KL/PJ area is different from outstation area.

This year, we chose Restaurant Hooi Loong for CNY eve dinner as the food was not bad usually. The moment we stepped into the restaurant, it was dem packed and we were seated outside a private room in a tiny space, some sort like blocking people entering in and out from the room. I am guessing that they added a few tables to cater for the demand that night, and I think our table doesnt exist during normal days. The moment we sat down, it was soooo hot! Our area doesnt receive any air-conditioning. Bad arrangement.

Fortune Salmon and Jellyfish Yee Sang. Lou until Wind Mountain Water Rise! Most importantly is pay rise!

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat, Dried Scallops and Fish Lips. Erm, what is fish lips? The soup was dem salty. However, it was rich with the ingredients.

Roasted Crispy Chicken. The chicken a bit crispy only and it tasted normal. However, when I dipped with the chilli sauce, it added the extra omph to this dish. The chilli sauce somewhat tasted like the chicken rice chilli sauce, but it wasnt spicy and it has a little bit of ginger and peanut it in.

Steamed Red Grouper with XO sauce. 2 small red grouper, can? The fish was overcooked. However, I think the soya sauce and the fried ikan billis worked this dish out. Not bad.

Baked Tiger Prawns with Chinese Wine, Ginger and Spring Onion. I was a bit disappointed when they cooked the prawns with this flavour. This flavour will only taste nice when it is stir fried with beef or deer meat. Wasted the tiger prawns only when they cook like this. No doubt taste-wise it wasnt that bad, but to me, this dish doenst work out. Plus, I didnt taste any tiny winy tint of wine also, so why bother adding in the word 'wine' in the name?

Stewed Mushrooms with Dried Oyster, Sea Moss and Gluten. I didnt notice how small portion this dish was until everyone wanna take the vegetables. Look at it, count count count the vege also doesnt have 10 pieces. Wasnt this dish meant for 10 people? Besides the vege, I think the mushroom and the fuchuk also doesnt have 10 pieces. Sooo stingy. Luckily the waiter didnt come and divide this dish for us, I think he will face difficulty dividing it, unless he is a math-dump. This dish tasted bland as well.

Master Fried Rice with Assorted Waxed Meat. By the look of it, it tasted nice. However, when I took the 'lap cheong' (waxed meat), it tasted farnie and it smelt farnie too! The smell was too 'overwhelming' for me and I couldnt proceed into eating it. Bluek!

Double boiled Sea Coconut with Longan. This dessert was served hot. The waiter helped us to pour into each bowl. I highlighted this because the waiter was like in a hurry like that, simply pour pour pour, didnt even divide the longan and sea coconut balance-ly to each bowl, plus he poured like half a bowl of the dessert on the table as total. Wei, dont waste our money like that! I know you are in a hurry to chase us away, but please at least pour properly la.

Deep Fried Chinese New Year Cake "Nian Gao". Erm, this was an oily one, and the sweet potato that they used was a bit hard / expired. So I just scrapped out the Nian Gao and eat it only. My grandma fries better Nian Gao then them. Somemore still called themselves a restaurant.

You will never have a boring moment with the presence of this brother and sister team.

Throughout the whole session, we have to change the plates ourselves, have to tidy up the plate ourselves, and pour tea ourselves. They should have arrange one waiter / waitress to serve a table. Hallo, we are paying for the food ok, do serve us better.

As a whole, I wouldnt consider to come back this restaurant for CNY dinner except on normal days. They do serve much more better food quality during normal days.

Restoran Hooi Loong
7 - 17, Ground Floor,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
(Outside Atria Damansara and same row as Pizza Hut)