Monday, December 28, 2009

Bodyguards and Assassins

The movie was set in 1905 where CiXi emperor assigns assassins to kill Sun Yat Sen who is planning for a revolution. So there are a few characters who are involved in protecting Sun Yat Sen during his visit in Hong Kong.

Now, let's see who are the bodyguards:

Tony Leung as Chen ShaoBai, chief editor of a newspaper. He is the revolutionary and the one who plans the visit of Sun Yat Sen. Wang Xueqi and Li Yutang, a businessman. Both these actors acted well enough in the movie, both has strong emotions.

Nicholas Tse, a rickshaw puller, my favourite actor of all time. I thought he is a kungfu master before I watch this movie, but ended up he is just an amateur with a brave heart. Quite farnie la his character.

Mengke Bateer as Wang Fuming, a former Shaolin monk that sells smelly toufu. His character was so sad, kena stabbed by people, didnt die at the first round, then kena stabbed again the second round.

Donnie Yen as Shen Chongyang, a gambler. Do expect lots of martial arts by Donnie Yen. But he kena whacked like mad in the movie, the whole face also disfigured and bengkak badly.

Leon Lai as Liu Yubai, the most 'hilarious' character, a beggar. A skilled martial artist with an iron fan. Why I said is the most 'hilarious'? It was because that the appearance as a beggar was ok, lots of curly hair (I mean bushy) and moustache. But the night before the fight, he shaves his moustache away, then his hair suddenly because straight, as if after rebonding. swt. Leon Lai doesnt suit this character la.

The above bodyguards all died except Tony Leung and Wang. What a sad story lor. I thought the good people are not suppose to die! Especially Wang's son, died so innocently. Plus, all died in a very horrible way. Sigh. I dont like sad ending. But, this movie is worth a watch. Just like my bro said, "one of the best Hong Kong movie this year". I agree.

Super long holidays!

I have been on leave since last Wednesday until today. Tomorrow only start working. I know I have been negleting my blog coz I really have nothing to write, no makan place to blog about ma, and nothing big happening to me also, that's why no tiny thoughts lor.

Sigh, holiday, stay at home also can get myself sick. Have been coughing and flu for the past few days. Sien la like that. Find difficulty to sleep soundly. My dad asked me to go and see doctor and get some antibiotics but antibiotic is super harmful to the body, so I insist not going to see doctor. Drank kat chai water, eat pei pa gou and eat some sore throat sweet should be fine. I hope.

Now, I have compiled all the makan place that I have dined throughout my holidays:

Hing Loong Taiwanese House (Damansara Uptown)

Pork trotter noodle.
Pork ribs noodle. The portion was half size smaller compared to a more famous Taiwanese Noodle house in ss2, of course the price was half cheaper than the latter. I would prefer ss2 version of Taiwan mee. But boy boy prefer this restaurant one.

Taiwan sausage. Quite nice.

Shabu Shabu Japanese Steamboat Buffet (Bandar Puteri Puchong)

I was suppose to eat Jogoya with boy boy during his college mates gathering that night. But boy boy couldnt make it on time coz KL was super jam. So we joined my bro's frens to Shabu Shabu lor. After I discovered Ho Ho Steamboat, no other steamboat place can beat Ho Ho. Even this Shabu Shabu restaurant. I have no idea why it is always full house.

Boy boy asked King yew what is nice here, he said the pork slices. Indeed, the pork slices were quite good, the best among other things on the conveyer belt. King Yew ate 3 plates himself. Haha.

Tappers Cafe (Jaya One)

Tappers Chicken Chop set. It was supposed to taste like Hainanese Chicken Chop, but this one was far from that. My grandma version of chicken chop is better than this. The taste was quite bland.

Fish and Chips Set. Took them 20 minutes to serve mine. Boy boy also finished his chicken chop already. The fish was fresh and the coating was very very crunchy. Well, the fish was quite good. The fries and the green peas were not ok.

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant (Chow Yang SS2)

The last time I blogged about this place, I didnt get to eat their dessert. So this time I asked them to serve it before the food arrives. The taste was just nice, not too sweet and not too bland. However, the ice was not blended well enough, you get to see chunks and chunks of ice in it. I have to wait till it cool down, I mean, the ice melted then only the dessert tasted nice. The uncles at the table beside us scooped out all the ice to his plate.

Steamed Fish (RM29). The fish was really meaty and fresh. The soup was super spicy lor. But it tasted delicious though.

Cut la!

I always do something stupid to my hair on every year before CNY. Sometimes it ended up nice and sometime it ended up disastrous. Last time, I do not spend so much money on my hair until recently, Nicole told me something before I went to Bangkok that strucked my head. She said, "Mun, go do something with your hair la before you go Bangkok!". I listened to her and I did rebonding and coloring, and the Bangkok pictures turned out beautifully. I mean I looked beautiful ok. :P

Then, the nice hair didnt last long, so I went back to the salon again and did rebonding plus a hair cut. Seeing fringe is the 'in' thing now, and PY also cut fringe and she looks younger, so I went and followed. Ended up like this:

I.... dont know what to say. It has been years (since I was 12 years old) that I have this type of fringe. I didnt look young also. I look weird. Swt! Die la this time, sure kena laughed by everyone already.

Boy boy's reaction to me --> speechless at first, then he said I look funny.

Boy boy's mum --> said I look like an Eygptian girl. (she really knows the trend)

Boy boy's reaction after listening to his mum --> 'What Eygptian!! Is China girl!' (I sweat big time).

My sis --> 'YER!'

My mum --> 'Wah, cut until like this ar? Looks different'

Nikky --> 'An yong ha seh yo!'. (He still havent recover from his Korea trip)

(* you guys wanna add some more reactions? I can edit / update it here*) (I bet Angela has something to say coz she super pantang this type of fringe. Hahaha)

Updated 5/1/10:

My 70+ years old Grandma: I called her when I entered the house, she stared at me. When I scooping out the rice, she stood beside me and stared at me. Then she said, " are ah Mun is it? You cut your hair liao?"

Farish: "Fuiyoh! Macam Barbie Doll saje"

Qab: He walked few steps then stopped and looked at me. Continued a few steps, he turned back and looked at me. Then I called his name. He, "aiks! siew mun ar??? I ingat colleague baru, tak berani tegur u le"

Angela: She kept on laughing when she saw me.

Saravanan: "You and PY look like Austin Powers' Fook Me and Fook You".

Suyin: she said I suit this hairstyle.

My SVP: Walking towards the door, and he stopped, "New hair cut, nice".

Ravichandran: "Last time you look like a chick, now...erm..." He was short of words to describe my new hairstyle. Then I said, "So now I am a chick anymore la???"

Sigh, my poor new hair style. Even I myself find it funny. Then I told boy boy that I will split back to my side parting. Then he stopped me, he said I look cute wor.... Now only he said like that after listening to all my complains.

3 days later, I went back to the salon. Nope, not to do side parting but to color it. I chose red-brown color. At the intial stage, the color wont come out yet. 2 weeks later la, I will have red hair liao. At least I colored it already, it looks better than the first photo right???

Got to stick with this hair style until CNY then I can grow long back again.

Christmas Dinner 2009

Besides celebrating Christmas, 25 Dec is also my parents anniversary. As of 2009, it is their 29th year. To avoid the crowd on Christmas day, we chose a Chinese restaurant rather than a Western one. And we ended up at Eric's Steamboat Restaurant again. Coz this place has already been listed in my dad's favourite place to dine in.

We didnt opt for steamboat this time. We ordered Dinner Set (RM68++) for 4 dishes, 5 bowls of rice, one soup and one dessert. There are 4 groups of food you can choose from: 1st group being pork or chicken dishes, 2nd group being fish or prawn dishes, 3rd being egg or beancurd dishes and last being vege.
Hong Siu Tao Fu. This dish was nicely done in a claypot manner. The sauce has some wax sausage taste.
Char Siew. Not bad.
Buttered Prawns. This dish was really delicious. The butter thingy was really crispy and buttery. The portion was huge too, I think around 10 big prawns in it.

Stir Fried Brinjal with prawns. Another good dish.

On top of the set, we ordered Peking Duck (RM35 for half duck) as additional. It tasted as good as ever.

The whole meal cost around RM120 (after 10% discount off the duck as my dad has a member card). It was really worth it for this scrumptious meal during Christmas day for a family of 5.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Another much-hyped and awaited film of this year. I went in with high expectation, came out 100% satisfied. James Cameron did a fine job in this movie. But a 2 hour 40 minutes movie was too long for me, sit until my butt also pain. Nevertheless, a movie worth watching second time. Hehe.
The story is similar to Pocahontas, where the humans intend to invade the place of the natives, in this movie, it would be the Na’vi in Pandora.

Sam Worthington looks skinnier compared to his role in Terminator Salvation. He is muscular in Avatar but not as muscular as in TS. His character Jake Sully was the chosen one by Eywa (the God of Na’vi, I think). He got drawn into the Na’vi clan accidentally and have a chance to learn their culture and hunting skills. The best part of the movie is to watch how Jake masters all the skill especially the Banshee, Ikran.

Zoe Saldana does not has a chance to show her real face at all coz she is born as a Na’vi princess. I do admire her professionalism of learning how to talk, walk and behave like a Na’vi before filming the movie. Indeed, she did a great job. A princess with a fighter spirit.
Sigourney Weaver’s character Dr Grace Augustine is kind-hearted and brave. I do think that she looks exactly like herself when she is in her avatar. Compared to Sam, who looks totally different in his avatar. Hm…maybe she requested from the director not to contour her face too much?

Michelle Rodriguez as marine pilot, Trudy was as brave as usual. I always like to watch MR in any movies. Her boyish figure and behavior really attracts me. Especially in this movie, she is one of the good soldiers among other soldiers. So cool!

pictures credited to yahoomovies.

Besides the characters, I was drawn into the movie by the world of Na’vi and all the ‘animals’ and ‘plants’. Super interesting. How can someone imagination goes so wild to create all these things??? Salute!110% recommending you guys to go and watch Avatar. A movie not to be missed this year.

P/S: I am going to watch the 3D version tomorrow. Woohoo!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Legend Water Chalet

Our department organized an in-house training in Port Dickson. All of us were so excited. We are staying in the water chalet! Woohoo! From the internet, the pictures look dem nice. But once we entered, pictures and reality has a big difference.

A clear glass on the floor so that you can see the bottom. Water was dirty.

A balcony. Not so nice scenery.

A bath tub. Angela was so excited.

They have sky roof somemore!

Ta-da! We bathed under open air.

There was a big bed.

And another small fat bed.

Back to school!

Didnt get to enjoy much though, coz we was trained the whole day, include at night until 11pm.

Cagayan's - Bandar Utama Centrepoint

Boy boy and I went for food hunting in BU Centrepoint. Thought of eating Pizza Uno, but suddenly I remembered some bloggers blogged about this pork ribs in Centrepoint, so we detoured to find this restaurant.

Actually I expected a large crowd coz normally when a restaurant was reviewed by a famous blogger, the crowd will turn up automatically. But not for this case though. The restaurant was quite empty, only 3 tables occupied when we reached there. Well, that's a good news right coz we do not need to wait for seats.

Cagayan is a Filipino restaurant. Hm...never try Filipino food before. I was so scared that it doesnt suit my taste. But I am willing to try.

Caldereta which was Lamb Stew (RM12.50) with rice. This dish was just a so-so dish only. It looked like curry but not curry (sentence sounds familiar? :P). It doesnt taste like western style stew lamb also. The lamb texture was so-so, not that soft actually. The stew sauce was nothing spectacular though. Boy boy didnt quite like it coz he didnt take much also.

Chicken Sisig (RM16). They have pork sisig too, but the pork they used are pork ears. Boy boy kept on saying wanna order that, but I wasnt too adventurous to eat some 'exotic' things. So, we went for the chicken instead. It came in a sizzling pan, we squeezed the lime juice on it. Then we mixed it together.

And it turned out like that. I do not know whether this is the correct way to eat this sisig or not. But never mind, it was edible. This dish tasted quite unique and good actually. Some soury and some mayonaise taste, it was really nice to eat with rice.

Signature Pork Ribs (RM36.50 for 6 slabs) with oriental chilli sauce. They offer 4, 6 and 8 slabs of ribs with 3 different type of sauce. I was a bit regretted for ordering the oriental chilli sauce. I quite like the oriental taste of the ribs but the chilli sauce spoilt the whole dish, should have went for oriental sauce only.

Nevertheless, the ribs were super big! Compared to the pork ribs that I had in Tony Roma's Bangkok, Cagayan's one was 5x bigger. We couldnt finish it, so we tabao 2 slabs back for boy boy's mum to try.

We got 10% on the pork ribs coz they are having promotion. Will I go back there again? Erm...depends on my mood lor.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Uncle Duck - Berjaya Times Square

On leave today and went to Times Square with my mum, thought of buying clothes for CNY. It was really tiring coz 80% of the shops that I went in doesnt suit my taste. Hm....

We went to Uncle Duck for lunch. I ordered mee sua that came with 2 cuttlefish ball, fuchuk, dumpling and fish cake. Quite an ordinary dish lor I can say.

My mum order dumpling kueh teow soup.

Popia. Not bad actually.

I will come back to try out their steamboat offerings next time.

Bought 2 casual dresses and 1 top from the same shop (RM65 total). The bag I have been eyeing for so long on the online websites and I bought it finally in Sungai Wang! Cost me RM50. My CNY bag. Hehe.

I almost ended up empty handed you know. If I come back buying nothing, I would be very pissed. Coz when I determined to go shopping, I must come back with something!


Actually I dont intend to watch the movie due to the bad comments from people who has watched it. But Boy boy wanna watch it so I obey lor. Booked the tickets in GSC One Utama coz Tropicana mall time schedule was not so good ie. 7pm and 10pm.

Thought of eating Zanmai again coz quite a while I did not visit them. Ordered soft shell crab okonomiyaki (RM12.90). The crab was all right but the okonomiyaki was totally out of standard. It tasted like normal pan fried egg to me. Nothing okonomiyaki-like for this dish.

Nabe Kaisen (RM15.90). The soup was sweet and tasted good. I like the soup. The other ingredient was also ok. I wonder why they did not give me a small bowl to scoop out the things from the boiling pot. I think they expect me to eat from the pot, which is located on top of a burner with flame. swt. The oyster was super fishy.

Now, back to the movie. The movie was ok. Nothing spectacular. The effect was really good! See how the earthquake, volcano and tsunami coming. Wooh! But the main actors running away from the disaster was so fake ie. the limo ran across the spitting road, aeroplane twirled along the failing buildings. Fake fake fake.

The movie was too long, I sat until my butt also pain, and my eyes were blur and stingy at the last hour of the movie. When I rubbed my eyes, boy boy thought I was crying. No la, the movie was nothing sentimental also.

Now I understand why PY said she wanna become a pilot after this movie. But PY, I think you should become a sailor coz the survivors survived in a ship! Hahaha.

Eric's Seafood Steamboat - Hartamas Shopping Complex

My family and I wanted to eat Eric Tsang's restaurant, it was full house. There was this couple in front of us, when the captain told them that have to wait for 20 minutes, they were hesitating whether to wait or not. Then, this girl picked up the phone and called her friend to ask whether they wanna wait.

So, the captain saw that this girl was a bit slow in responding (it was like 1 - 2 minutes), the captain proceeded to talk to my dad. I told my dad to put down the name first then we come back. Once the girl heard I said this, she quickly told the captain loudly that she wanted to put her name down at the waiting list too. I was like WTH??? You cant make up your mind at the first place, then why bother to jump into our conversation? So dem rude and no manners, and so kiasu.

We put down our name, of coz 'after' the rude girl. We went and walked around Plaza Damas to look for some snacks or dessert to eat first. We found this, "Bonnie's Kitchen" that serve quite a number of desserts.

Durian Pancake (RM6). Not bad actually. Better than Tim Pan Koh Koh. But the durian a bit little lor.
This shop is famous for their bamboo basket tau fu fa. It costs RM10 but we wanted to try out what is so special about this. The waitress put soya bean drink and hot water into a steel bowl, then covered it with the cover to wait for it to get steamed until tau fu fa.

She told us to wait for 5 minutes before opening the bucket. After 5 minutes, it was still watery. Then we waited for another 5 minutes. We started doubting the theory of this bucket whether it really works or not. Ended up, half of it was tau fu fa, and half of it was water. swt. The tau fu fa was soft and smooth but tasteless. We poured tremendous amount of sugar into it and the sugar was tasteless too! This bucket is a waste of money.
Glutinous rice ball in black sesame. The black sesame dessert was out of standard, it tasted like the ready-made powder and mixed it with hot water then it becomes this black sesame dessert. I also know how to do la like that.

This Bonnie Kitchen was a real disappointment. I dont think I wanna go back there again.

Just in time for the Eric's steamboat booking. My dad wanted to eat the steamboat instead of normal dishes. So, we ordered the herbal chicken soup base. The soup was really good and full of herbs, very good for raining day to warm you up.

We ordered Steamboat set for 3 person (RM68++) includes salmon sashimi (x4), fresh tiger prawns (x6), home made cuttlefish ball (x4), teo chew fishball (4), handmade pork ball (4), supreme sliced pork, sliced chicken, sliced fresh fish fillet, fried bean curd skin, seasoning vege and yee mee. Funnily enough the yee mee was only one hard piece and no eggs given at all. For 3 person??? I dont think it is enough lor.

Despite that, the ingredients were fresh. I love the all the fishball varieties, very special.

Sashimi, which was very very thin slice. triple smaller of thickness compared to Zanmai sashimi.

We added on 2 portion of beef (RM10 per portion). I strongly recommend all the beef lovers to order this. It was really good!

My mum ordered kuew teow beef (RM12). This dish considered the best that I have ever tasted. This dish was on par with the big big chinese restaurant.

Guess we might go back there again coz my dad super love this place.