Saturday, December 13, 2008


Yesterday lunch time, on the way to KLCC, we stopped by Wisma Sentral for a cheap lunch (Luckily we ate there as KLCC food court and restaurant were packed with people due to the PC Fair). As usual, we went to this Chinese mixed rice stall.

I took beancurd, vegetables and lady fingers. Just 3 types of vege dishes, the boss charged me RM3.50. To me it was over-charged. But is fine with me as compared to a lunch in KLCC. Then when I was eating half way through, I saw a tiny piece of thing that doesnt belong to the lady fingers. I took out and Michelle straight away said "is a worm!". I was like "ewwwww"..... This tiny creature was 5mm in length and it was hairy! I think the hairy things are his legs kua....

Sigh, I kept my cool and just put away the lady finger and finished the other 2 dishes. Anyhow, I wasnt full and I felt disgusted! I wonder why all these things happened to me??? It happened to me last month.

Last month, we went to Ampang Food Court for lunch and I had Claypot Yee Mee Soup. Everything was nice until half way through, I saw something looks like a strain of hair. So when I picked it up, it came up with few long legs and a tiny piece of body! Michelle straight away said "is a spider". geli! Although I like Spiderman but no need to treat me like that geh.... And I just stop eating the yee mee, and wondered how many legs that I had accidentally taken into my stomach. And I was hungry as well.

People said I should go to the boss and complain and ask them to refund. But I am the type of person who doesnt like to argue. Although is our right as a customer, I just dont feel like doing it. However, if I am in a nice restaurant that cost me more than RM10 per plate, I will complain and demand for a refund. If they make you a new one, I dont know the kitchen chef will add "additional" things into your plate. Hahaha.

It took me one month to recover from the claypot incident until only recently I started eating claypot soup again. I think it will take me another month to recover the mixed rice incident, as the picture of the vegetable worm is still clearly reflecting in my mind now.

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