Saturday, December 6, 2008

What I bought in Sg Wang

You must be wondering what I bought in Sg Wang RM25 shop right. Now here there are:

Kimono Inspired Dress - Pink color with some flower prints on it. Jersey like material. Good buy Good buy. I almost wanna get myself another one but the variety is not there, all left the dull dull color.

Ta-da! My 60s inspired dress. Does it looks like 60s??? Ok right?

After seeing the clothings offered in Sg Wang, I am not so crazy about buying clothes online from the e-blogshop already as I know Sg Wang offers the same thing at a much more cheaper rate. Although the RM25 shops have "no-trying" policy (same rule applies to blogshop), at least I can touch and feel the material (you can only scan though pictures in blogshop).

If I wanna anything in the future, I will just take taxi from my office (cost around RM4) to Sg Wang after work then shop until 9pm then go back by Monorail and LRT. So much more convenient, rather than driving to Sg Wang during weekends, where parking rate is dem expensive and dem a lot of people.

Next time if I wanna shop in Sg Wang, I better walk into all these RM25 shops first before walking into other normal boutique. Who knows, you might get some good quality clothings with very cheap price tag!

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