Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tiny Thoughts # 4

I have been thinking whether to post this up or not since last week, as I think I might offend someone because I might use some harsh and offensive words here. Since today is the last day of the year (just to blurt out my frustration before the new year), and this is my own personal blog to blog about my personal view, I decided to post this up.

Lately, I do not know why girls like to call my boy boy and chat, and everytime they did it when I am around with him. Dejavu or what? And they talked for quite long lei. Let me show you the incidence:

Incidence 1:

This happened 3 months ago. My phone bill arrived and when it was freaking more than RM200. I have 3 sub-lines, which are my mum, boy boy and boy boy's car (will tell you next time why his car has a sim card). Normally, my mum's bill is around RM12, car is around RM10 point something, and boy boy's RM40 - RM50 like that, while mine is around RM55. So I am expecting around RM120 bill but when I saw RM200+, I was shocked.

So I did what a normal human being will do in this situation - check the bill. Mum's ok, car's ok, mine's ok, then when I saw boy boy's one RM100+ .... that's the culprit. Check again his call log, there were 2 separate calls with the same number cost RM37 each time(for 1 hour I think). Hor~!!! Instantly I was thinking who he spoke to for so long and so dem expensive?

Later at night, I confronted him (not to say confront la, I asked in a very nice way ok). He was shocked that his bill rose up so high then only he realised that he called to a friend (a girl friend) who is based in Dubai now. Then the questions came,

"who is she?"

"why you talk to her for so long?"

"She dont have boyfriend one meh?"

"both of you very close one ar?"

"Why you have to call her?"

Before I start thinking of the worst, he assured me by saying, "If I were to stray, I wont use this phone and call lor." OK, that was the assurance he gave me. No such call for the following few months. Story closed. So the lesson for guys is to never sub your gf's phone line. Cause you do not know what will happen when you go side track abit.

Incidence 2:

One sunday afternoon when I was with him, his hp rang and he picked up. For the first four calls (yup, the same girl called four times every 30 minutes), he talked about office work, quotation, and stuffs. So should be his colleague lor like that. Sounds normal right?

Then fifth call came, I was very very annoyed by that time as I was trying to get my afternoon nap. Throughout the whole conversation I was widely awake (the first four calls, I was still blur and didnt bother to listen carefully). The conversation lasted for 30 minutes. It was fine with me if you are talking about office work. However, this fifth call was not about office work, it had gone into something personal already. I knew it through his answers.

After he put down the phone, when he turned his head at look at me, he was shocked! He thought I was asleep soundly (maybe he had forgotten that I am a light sleeper), while I stared my eyes big big at him. Hor~!!! This look means 'trouble' I tell you.

"Your colleague ar?"

"Why need to do quotation during weekends?"

"She dont know how to do meh?"

"Call you so many times for what?"

"Then why she talked about other things beside office work?"

Again, I must stressed that I sounded very nice ok. I didnt scold him or whatever. Again he assured me that, "we are colleagues only". The he asked me back, "you talked to HSK also like that what". Aiks! Do something wrong still wanna fire me back? Then I told him that me and HSK are friends, not colleagues liao, plus we do not talk like what you and your 'colleague' talk just now. So the lesson is talk about office work only with your colleagues.

Incidence 3:

Christmas Eve.

When his sis brought in JunLam for us to take care, suddenly his phone rang and he went out of the room. Left me taking care of JunLam. Actually nothing to take care also la, JL was asleep soundly. Then scott's phone rang (I took a look, only numbers were displayed, no name), once, twice (full ringing length ya), thrice (scott was downstairs bathing) and forth. Every 5 minutes a call. Then the fifth time, Scott was back and he picked up and he went down.

30 minutes, JL started to cry and I started to panicked. His mum came in and handled the 'situation'. Scott was not back from his call yet. For the first time, he picked up a call and left 'out of my sight'. I was pissed.

1 hour later, he came up, then I asked him, "do you need to go to the kitchen and talked for one hour?". Funnily enough he replied, "eh, how you know one?". Duh, your house very big meh? I just cant hear what you talk only ma, or maybe that was the reason you went out of the room and hide somewhere and talk so that I cant hear your conversation?

The same questions as above popped out by me again. This time it is a girl that he got to know from PC fair. Harlow, PC fair just ended 1 week ago and you so daring to make a move on a guy? This girl must be something. The girl wanna ajak him out for celebrating christmas wo, ask him where is he now, where is he celebrating etc etc. Why dont you ask him the most important question, "are you available?" first before you proceed with your attacks?

Pissed. Dem Pissed. At her. Not Scott.

Incidence 4:

Christmas Day.

Shopping happily with Scott in Sunway Pyramid. This time, I forgotten that this PC fair girl called while we were walking in mall or he called while we on the way back, maybe both I think. I just know that she asked where is he, what time you going back, where are you going later etc etc la.

A girlfriend's instinct straight away tell me that this girl is tackling my guy! Where got people call so many times during festive season and ajak a guy out? and this guy just wont tell her to back off. or maybe he is enjoying the sensation of 'being tackled' by a girl? Scott dont dare to go out with her as he scares that I will think nonsense things if he dont teman me during holidays / weekends. You are wrong! I am starting to think nonsense things even if you dont out with her!

Girl, whoever you are, please back off. Do not spoil a good relationship and do not make yourselves a b**ch. Dont you dare come in front of me and say that "I just wanna be friends with him", "I love him a lot", "You dont deserve him", "He dont loves you anymore" etc etc (becoming like Vivian Chow's case already). If a guy were to stray, the starting point is from you. You dont go and tackle guys who are engaged in a relationship. Whatever you did to a women in a relationship, it will come back to you one day. You break a women's heart (by snatching off her guy), your heart will be broken twice as much. Yes, this is my curse to a third party girl. A guy who stray off, I will not have heart for him anymore, and I will stratch your car.

Pissed. Dem Pissed. At her. and At him.

This time, he assured me by saying, "you jealous ar? no need to be jealous la, you know I sayang you what". WTH.

I am not jealous. I am insecured. The insecurity is butterflying in my stomach, my head, and my heart. Wasnt a guy suppose to give his girl a sense of security? This being the very first criteria of a relationship? Or maybe I am old already, bored of looking at me already..... no more freshness? Or maybe he needs something more younger and more active and more exciting? If that is the reason that my relationship is breaking up, I will not tolerate and I will not accept it, and I will still stratch your car.

Maybe not so serious la, my relationship is fine, not to worry. Is just that a girl like me might think too much sometimes, or maybe out of the box already. I bet this girl gonna call again tonight? or maybe during now? I do not know and I do not dare to imagine. Now, whenever Scott's phone rings, I will panic! See, how big the impact can be done to me?


Annie said...

To Scott / Abarai Renji, i suggest u to start your conversation wiht "Hello, I'm a married man and loyal lover." then only continue with your subject. I think this will secure your relationship. heheh

Remon said...

To Scott.. U GG liao!! Go reassure SM by letting her answer all ur calls lark~ SM gave u mroe than 3 chances... u damn 7 lucky man..

Abarai Renji said...

wah lao eh.... post like that wat can i say. Sure kena gao gao this time. To remon,if letting her answer my phone i will be in deep ****.once is gal call sure kena scold ***** & **** off.

Abarai Renji said...

This is not GG liao. Is beyond godlike + holly ****. Happy new year to everybody

Nikky said...

No worry la, when Scott see your sentence saying "and I will stratch your car" , I think he already takut liao hahaha..Abarai Renji tahu tahu la ..

Abarai Renji said...


Jojo said...

wow, scott u're so in deep **** man. just dont screwed things up or we're gonna screwed u upside down. if she calls again jus say hey, i'm gay, i love guys. confim she'll run as fast as possible

Jojo said...

Mun, steady and quit thinking so negatively. Have self confidence in urself and the relationship. by ur side always alright.

Anonymous said...

hi.. nice blog, this 3rd party really need to piss off..

but my friend's friend's friend know this girl, and she is a bitch,and she even know u piss off her here..

becareful of this girl, she very "Bxxxh"

at girl side, i sure support u one..

if u need my help, i will support u..

Anonymous said...

hi.. nice blog, this 3rd party really need to piss off..

but my friend's friend's friend know this girl, and she is a bitch,and she even know u piss off her here..

becareful of this girl, she very "Bxxxh"

at girl side, i sure support u one..

if u need my help, i will support u..