Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tasty Pot - Dataran Mentari

Last time when we wanna eat Restaurant Buffalo and we passed by this shop. So, Nikky asked us to go and give this Tasty Pot Restaurant a try. At 8.15pm, 98% of the tables were occupied. Calvin said the whole capacity is 80 tables. Can you imagine? Not much service needed and not much cooking needed, customers will take the food themselves, cook the food themselves. Easy money hor.

Their tagline is 'BBQ Steamboat Buffet Restaurant'. The good thing is you do not need to barbeque the food yourselves as they have a special counter for that. Save some of your sweat plus your shirt wont be smelly of bbq-ing. You just need to concentrate on your steamboat.

There are a few soup base that you can choose: Clear chicken soup, tomyam, curry soya, soya, porridge and Hot & spicy ('Ma Lat'). We decided to choose something different from the typical steamboat --> Hot & Spicy and porridge based.

The waiter said have to on the small fire as if too stong fire, the porridge will get burned. So, we waited waited waited for quite long for our food to be cooked. Then, everyone regretting ordering porridge soup based. Not that it looks like porridge also. Chicken soup better la like that. The Ma Lat soup was ok, not that spicy and oily until it burned your lips (the other steamboat restaurant Ma Lat soup was dreadful).

So, let us start with the usual steamboat stuffs. I didnt take much photos on the usual stuffs as you could find it anywhere.

Now, what makes this restaurant steamboat unique from others are as follows:

(i) They provide grill services. Sorry for the blur pics, it wasnt my shaky hands, it was due the heat coming out from the grill.

ii) They provide grill lamb, the whole lamb. Unfortunately, that day the lamb was almost finished already, left the bone only. We managed to take a few pieces (some were burned), and the sauce was very nice. Nikky, Calvin and Scott went back for second plate of lamb. The lamb tasted nice as well as it does not have the "lamb" smell.

iii) Grill beancurd - very crunchy. But warning you ahead not to eat the chilli on top of it, it burned your lips and tongue like mad. The sauce was lemony sour sauce, very nice.

iv) Fried Man Tao - my favourite of the night. It wasnt oily at all and the bread taste sweet and soft and crunchy outside (100% different from the ones offered in Ming Tien). So dem love it! Me and annie ate more than 10 pieces that night and our table total had taken more than 50 pieces in total! Later at night, the refill the tray with chocolate mantao. We mixed some ice cream with the original mantao and it tasted great!

v) Grill fish - I am not a fish person but this fish changed my perception on grill fish. It was marinated with asam in it and it wasnt fishy at all.

vi) Grill Prawns

vii) Grill Squid - the squid was crunchy and not chewy at all! Easy to chew and very fresh! When you dipped with the sour sauce as the beancurd one, superb taste!

That were the few things that I can highlight for this restaurant that are different from other steamboat restaurant. Plus all these things taste incredibly great! I am not the only who say this ok. The whole group think the same. Super value for money! RM23.80 per pax exclude drinks. We sat there until 11pm only we go back, almost 3 hours. Hahahaha....

Tasty Pot definately worth your visit and it is definately better than Yuen and better than the Shabu Shabu in Puchong.

Tasty Pot Restaurant
9, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya.

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