Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sweet Bean Restaurant -

Me and boy boy was in the area of Happy Garden in Jln Kuchai Lama, so we went to this eatery called Sweet Bean ("Tong Chi Dao" in cantonese). What a sweet name for an eatery huh. As indicated as per its name, it is a cafe that serves quite a wide range of desserts and some fusion food as well.

Here is the menu: They offer a wide range of sweet soup ("Tong Sui") and mix & match hot dessert.

Besides hot desserts, they have some nourishing stewed desserts, cold / ice dessert which are Sweet Bean's specialty and Sago with juice.

Other than that, they offer some home made desserts as well special variety desserts. See, I told you they have lots of varieties of desserts.

" many things....which one to pick? Everything also look nice...." (Note boy boy's dragon ball hairstyle).

They offer set lunch which was priced quite reasonably. We didnt see the set lunch menu as it came as separate piece from the main menu. The set comes with a main dish, ice lemon tea / dessert and steam egg ("Dan Dan" in cantonese).

Boy boy ordered Mango Sago (RM5). It was tastier than the normal mango sago that are served in other restaurant. This came with lots of sago and mango pieces, and it was very sweet. Both of us love the taste. At least it doesnt taste like you are eating ice only.

I ordered Peanut dessert ("Fa Sang Wu") and Glutinous Rice Ball ("Tong Yuen") dessert (RM3.80). Love the soup of the glutinous rice ball as the ginger taste was quite strong which is very good for stomach. For the glutinous rice ball, it was quite soft and a bit chewy. It was filled with black sesame.

Boy boy ordered Nasi Minyak (RM5.50) that came with 2 pieces of kurma chicken, sambal, nuts, ikan billis and cucumber. At first glance, you thought it was nasi lemak as the ingredients are almost the same. However, when I ate the sambal, it doesnt taste like typical nasi lemak sambal, instead it taste quite nice. The kurma chicken was standard.

I ordered their most famous Cheese Mushroom Chicken Mee (RM12.90). This dish took almost 15 minutes to be served. Boy boy also finished his nasi minyak already. But, it was definately worth the waiting time. When it was served, the smell was nice and I cant wait to eat it! Whoa, it was dem cheesy and I wish it put more button mushroom in it. The chicken was well-marinated and tasted sweet with some spices. Superb dish.

The piece of chicken was quite tiny. Wish they serve a bigger one.

As a whole, nice place to hang out with friends for yumcha. Nice ambience.

I dont have the address but I can describe the directions:
If you are on Old Klang Road, coming from Mid Valley side, after OUG Plaza - turn left. Go straight up hill and pass by 3 traffic lights if I am not mistaken. Then turn right at the 4th traffic light (there is a signboard saying Taman Gembira). Go straight till the end and do a U-turn, and turn left and the second junction. Sweet Bean restaurant is located at the roll of shop houses facing the main road.

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