Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sushi Zanmai - Pyramid

Dont know what to eat in Pyramid, ended up boy boy and I went back to our favourite Japanese restaurant, Sushi Zanmai. The moment we sat down, I told him that, "can we order something different from what we order usually?". He agreed and proceeded with the ordering. After he chose his choices, I was a bit da worried already as he chose all the weird weird stuffs (at least to me, these things look weired le). But never mind, I am willing to try.

We just couldnt forgo our favaourite baby octopus - RM6.

Soft shell crab - RM9.80. It came together with a special sauce to dip with. This crab wasnt oily at all! The last time I ate ssc was in Genki years ago and it was sooo oily until I dont dare to try any ssc anymore. But this one tasted good, skin was crunchy. After I squeezed some lemon on top then boy boy only told me that the sauce tasted a bit sour as well. Ended up my ssc become sour ssc. =.= Nevertheless, it was quite nice.

Now, the weird stuffs, Ikasashi Wasabi - cuttlefish seasoned with wasabi (RM6). Boy boy was sooo advanturous until he ordered something so slimy, and so... erm farnie looking. I frightfully took a tiny piece of it and frightfully put into my mouth. Aiyo, dont be decieved by the look of it. It was quite good actually, fresh, and crunchy! But I didnt taste any wasabi though despite they named it with wasabi. We have to put our own wasabi to make it wasabi-like.

There he goes again, ordered another weird stuff - Tsubu Kimuchi (RM6). Accoding to him, it is Japanese Escargot. Erm... i thought French escargot is the famous ones? Again, frightfully I took a piece and try. It was a bit spicy and a bit tomato-ish, and a bit fishy wo. I dont like this, but boy boy likes it.

Without fail, we ordered Rokka Sashimi (RM38), came with tuna, yellow-tail, salmon, sweet shrimp, octopus, cuttlefish (3 pieces each). No doubt the tuna, yellow-tail, salmon and cuttlefish was fresh (but I feel that Mid-Valley Zanmai is fresher). The octopus was chewy and very fishy smell, I dont like the texture la, when I couldnt swallow it then boy boy laughed at me (I didnt puked out ok, I swallowed it). The shrimp was again another farnie texture that I dont like, slimmey, soft, sticky ... dont know how to describe. Next time I better stick with the normal sashimi la.

This time really too advanturous liao.... I think boy boy ngam any raw sashimi, he enjoyed it lei. Hahaha. Anyhow, I am proud of myself that I did try them and I didnt bluek out ok.

Sushi Zanmai is having promotion now, you are entitled to purchase the Choya Sarari at RM10 (instead of normal price RM18.90) once you spend RM50 and above. Boy boy bought one.

Sushi Zanmai
Lt 0B2-F1, Sunway Pyramid,
3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway.
Tiny Direction: It is located above Kim Gary Restaurant.

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siewmun said...

Quoted by Scott:

"regarding the Rokka Sashimi all is nice except for the prawns & squid."