Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Survivor Gabon Finale

Last night watched Survivor 2-hours finale with my bro.

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I dropped my jaw when I saw Suzie (pic below) won the last challenge and she got the immunity idol. I was like WTH! A person who sailed along the whole series got into top 3???? Anyhow, I dont think she can win.
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When Jeff announced the last vote during the tribal council, my jaw dropped again when I saw the last vote that Sugar casted stated Matty! I was like, "Sugar!!!! you want to bring Bob with you into the final three??? are you mad????". Since it was a tie-breaker, both Bob and Matty has to start a fire and burn a string. Whoever did it first will enter into the top three. No surprise, Bob, being a handyman won the tie breaker. Sugar was in the top three and Bob was in the top three.

During the tribal council for the Jury to cast a vote for the million-dollar winner, the Jury has to comment / ask questions to the top three. The most disturbed comment was Corrinne (pic below), who has hated Sugar since they first day they met. She commented on Sugar's fake behaviour, always like to cry. This comment was fine with me but I when she ended her last comments showing disrespect for Sugar's late father, I felt like wanna slap her on the face.
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Who are you to comment people's late father??? Corrine is a sales representative and she thinks highly of herself and she looked down at Sugar, who is a pin-up model. Hey Corrine, even if you dressed nicely and you have a proper job doesnt mean that you can insult people like that! Your fouled mouth B**ch. Guys, I am sorry but I really hate Corrine. Sugar gave her a middle finger (which was censored on TV), that's the way babe! Corrine deserved that! Shame on you Corrine.

However, there was no result announced at the end of this finale. Me and my bro was so disappointed and wanted to download Survivor Reunion but traffic jam in the internet. Hmmm.... being so desperate, we checked from the net and found out Bob won by 4 votes and Suzie was the second place by 3 votes (OMG OMG) and Sugar has none! The Jury are all Blind! 7 blind mice instead of 3!

Awww..... although I know Bob will win (he deserved it anyhow) but inside part of my heart really hope that a surprise will spring out for Sugar. Survivor is about strategy and how you play the game right??? Sugar played well. Although she used her innocent pretty looking face and manipulated through the game with a couple of lies, and broke some tiny alliance, it was HER strategy in the game. Furthermore, she found the hidden immunity idol on her first trip to Exile Island, which was at the very early stage, and didnt use it until the top five. No one even cast a vote on her previously. That's the way of playing.

And these guys (Crystal, Kenny and Matty) who got played out by Sugar didnt give her a million-dolar vote because they felt like a fool when played by a pin-up girl. Hey! the series is called Survivor, not Friends. These 3 guys voted for Suzie instead. Stupid. If Suzie wins (she just need 4 votes to win), which she nearly did, I will banned Survivor for a long long time.

As expected, Bob won (pic below). I do think he deserved it. He is a Mr Nice Man but he didnt use much strategy though, being tagged along the whole game. He also backstabbed Randy that caused Randy to be voted out. Why not even one person feels that he was being played out by Bob?? Is it because he is an old man and super nice guy??? Super unfair.
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Being a 57 years old man, who won 5 immunity challenges straight in a row, I do salute him. Oldeset Survivor Winner in history. Bob, I think you should thanks Sugar for bringing you in to the top three, you owed her great.

I still think that Sugar screwed up her chance of winning by simply answering the Jury's questions addressed to her. She should just said it is part of the tactics / strategy instead of "i dont expect to get your vote tonight, so I will still say I think you are a jerk." Sigh.... if you dont want to win the one million dollars, why bother joining Survivor at the first place.

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Anyhow, I still heart Jessica "Sugar" Kiper (pic above). You go Girl!

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