Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spree in Time Square

Continue my craziness in Berjaya Time Square, cant resist not to go as last week has a long weekend holidays. Woke boy boy up early so that we can reach the place early and get a nice parking. Indeed, we go a nice parking spot on the level 2, just walk straight to the mall without taking any lift or escalator.

My target was the RM25 shops plus accessories shops. Since the RM25 shops are all located the 3rd - 5th floors, my hunting basically was just these 3 floors. We walked up and down, left and right to look for good bargain. After walked for 3 hours, yet we still havent buy anything as we would like to compare prices and the designs of each shops. Finally, we managed to buy something.

Bangles - RM2.90 each. I straight away took the orange bangles then boy boy said, "cant you mix n match with some other colors? why have to match orange dress with orange accessories?" So, I took the white bangle as well.

Bought the earrings from the same shop - RM2.50. This is most biggest dangling orange earrings in the shop. Since it was so cheap, I bought it.

While we were walking, I bought this shawl (RM15). Dont ask me why I bought it, it was just an impulse buying and I thought it can match with my 60's orange dress. Since I already bought it, I will try my best to match it. Hehe. Now I just need a 60s cap.

As for the RM25 shops, I almost wanna buy a lot of clothes, but I pulled back myself. Ended up, I still bought a plain kimono dress (I still cant have enough of kimono dresses). There were so many colors to choose from: white, black, pink, dark blue, and maroon. I couldnt decide (if I were to decide, I will get all the colors!) and asked boy boy to choose a color. He straight away said purple.

Then, I bought this halter neck dress as well. It was the only design that was different from all the other RM25 shops and I still yet to see similar pattern in the blogshop. Since it was red and suitable for Chinese New Year. I bought it.
Boy boy bought 2 shorts for RM80. Checkers wei. I didnt know he likes checkers things. haha.

When I reached home at 6pm:

Mum: "huh? walked whole day only bought one small bag ar?"
Me: "mum~!!! I already spent too much la! Trying to control myself!".
Mum: "But RM25 is very cheap woh!".

Sigh, still wanna make me more "kek sum" (sakit hati) for not getting more RM25 dresses. Emotionally-unbalance at that time. I think I am gonna stop buying Chinese New Year clothes as I have more than enough. Now, I have to lock myself at home and restrain myself from going into shopping mall.

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