Friday, December 26, 2008

The Spirit

When I first heard of the name, I thought it was another ghost movie. Later only I found out that it is an action movie with the creators of 300 and Sin City. I love 300, but I didnt watch Sin City. Since my bro asked us to watch this movie together, we just tagged along. How bad could it be right?

We were seated in a big cinema in GSC One Utama. Aiyo, the seats that me, suyin and Nikky got were a bit spoilt. The chair seat and back suppose to 90 degree one ma, but the ones we got were the seat already 45 degree going down. So when I seat, my whole body kept on slipping downwards, and I have to use my legs to hold back during the entire movie. Dem tired u know.

Anyway, back to the movie. The Spirit was about a guy who is working with a cop (but he is not a cop) to bash criminals in the city. His nemesis is The Octopus. He is a women's guy, any women he met, they will fall for him, with his super sweet talking mouth. Sounds like James Bond guy right.

For the first 15 minutes of the movie, I know I got myself into a boring movie. But still I have hopes that the movie will climate somewhere in the middle. To my disappointment, it did not. The whole movie was bland (same as tasting food). Super bored, with super lame jokes. At least Tropic Thunder's jokes were more farnier.

Even when Samuel L Jackson showed some lame dialogue and lame movements, I laughed but it wasnt for the jokes, it was because the silliness he got himself into. An Oscar winning actor ended up in such movie, I cant imagine.

Silken Floss by Scarlet Johansson, another Oscar-winning actress got herself into this lame movie. Luckily she only 'featured' in it. I love her fake lashes throughout the whole movie, exaggerating false lashes. Love her role-play outfits.

Sand Saref by Eva Mendes, another like-able character. The only thing I love about this movie was the flashback between Sand and Denny's childhood time. At least this part made some sense on how Sand become a jewel thief. Guys will like her sexiness in this movie, super hot body + skimpy outfit, she was even naked in one scene!

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This is the first movie that I saw people leaving half-way from the cinema. Some went to toilet, some went off! Not one, not two, but more than 10 people left half way! Imagine how bad was it.


siewmun said...

Quoted by Yweng:

"The movie was dissapointing le, Are you going to blog about how terrible it was?"

siewmun said...

Quoted by Scott aka Abarai Renji:

"The spirit was damn sucks. Dunno wtf they doing also. i give 1/10, thanks to mr ka weng who intro this ****ing nice"

Kinyu said...

*outdated*: Excuse me Mr Yew Weng, the spirit is considered very good compared to Be Kind, Rewind (downright dumb!), Shoot'em Up (downright silly!) and Simpson movie (downright UNfunny!)...

Kinyu said...

Abarai, try the 3 movies listed below and you'll truly understand the meaning of BORED!