Monday, December 8, 2008

The Soya Shop - Plaza Low Yat

After Time Square, we went to Plaza Low Yat as Nikky ajak Boy boy to look at LCD monitor. While waiting for Nikky and Suyin, we went to The Soya Shop at the top floor for some dessert. We have been walking from 11am to 4pm, and we are dem thirsty and tired.

Boy boy ordered chocolate glutinous rice ball. It came with 4 glutinous rice balls immersed in hot soya milk.

Quoted from him "the soya milk is tasteless (as it doesnt contain sugar), but when you eat the rice ball together with the soya milk, the combination of chocolate mix with the soya, gives the whole dessert a brand new sweet taste." Look at his descriptions, so pro like that (gotta ask him to feature one post in my blog).

Mine was with lotus paste.

Price per bowl is RM2.90. So actually we have to pay RM5.80 right? But the cashier said he does not have small change, so he charged us RM5 for 2 bowls (Boy boy paid him RM10), and he gave us RM5 for change. When Boy boy came back, he feel bad (people open shop and do business one ma, how come 80cents also he dont wanna charge?), so I gave him 80cents and he paid the cashier back. Hehe.

When Nikky and Suyin arrived, they also ordered the chocolate glutinous rice ball. Nikky described it as very nice, similar with Siu Long Bao. Then boy boy added in, similar with wanton. I was like ????? What sort of description was that? Totally 2 different things.

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maro^gal said...

hahaha.. i tried the chocolate tong yuen year ago... interesting..