Saturday, December 13, 2008

SkinPro - Crystal Treatment Mask

When I started looking for mask, I stumbled across this mask which were strongly recommended by Sasa salesgirl. Although it was not cheap but they are having promotion at that time (around August I think), buy 5 free 1 package, cost around RM60 something. Is expensive right? I also dont know why I bought it, must be crazy already at that time.

The salesgirl said SkinPro is from Korea. This SkinPro Intensify Formula: Intensive Crystal Treatment Mask comes in a big packet as the mask was folded into half only. From the package, it claimed that they use Bio Polymer Technology to mix with natural extracts. It contains algae, gigawhite and arbutin extracts.

The mask provides the skin with necessary nutrition and will penetrate to provide a clear skin and radiant looking face. When I tear it off, the mask texture was something different from the normal mask. The texture of this mask was gel-like and rubbery and it is half transparent jelly-like. Mind you, it can be easily tore off if you are rough in opening it.

Although it has lots of extract but it is not watery at all. Once you apply it on your face, you will feel the jelly-like mask adheres nicely onto your face as though it is your second skin. I think this is what they have been claiming the BioPolymer technology gua.

After peeling off, your skin wont feel sticky but rich in nutrient and moisture. The mask has no strong smell. I love this mask out of the whole bunch of mask that I have. Until now, I left with one piece and I still couldnt bring myself to use it as I sayang it. Hahaha....

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