Monday, December 8, 2008

Shabu-shabu Train - Berjaya Time Square

Went to Berjaya Time Square with Boy boy at 11am. So early??? Cause I 'kia si' no parking space. Hahaha. Went inside the mall at 11am but some shops are not open yet. Anyhow, we were very hungry as we didnt take out breakfast, and decided to go for brunch instead.

One thing in Time Square is that it is very difficult to look for food! They are dispersed everywhere. Wanna eat the Hong Kong Steamboat (coz the weather is cold, so a steamboat would be great!) but I really couldnt recall the name and the location. I only stumbled across and tried this restaurant last year. We walked n walked for 15 minutes, still couldnt find and we gave up.

Since we couldnt locate the 'desired' restaurant, we came across this Shabu Shabu Train (located near TCS, Mr Teppanyaki). Since Shabu shabu is equivalent to steamboat, we decided to give it a try.

They offer steamboat set price ranging from RM10.90 - RM19.90++.

Boy boy wanna order stonegrill but they said that the grill is not heated up yet and it will take them long time to serve this dish.

Other things from the menu. Actually the menu was not impressive.

This is the head of the train, together with the cold storage of add-on dishes (at the tail) you can take for your steamboat. The plates came in 4 different color codes, price ranging from RM1 - RM5. I went and have a look and they are just normal steamboat materials but it came in one size smaller.

They offer 3 types of soup base: Chicken, Miso and Tomyam. Boy boy ordered tomyam soup. The soup was a bit sour and a bit spicy, not like the typical real tomyam soup. This soup base is good for people who cant take spicy things.

I ordered Miso soup base. Only a slightly tint of miso flavour. If you were to compare the miso soup with typical Japanese restaurant, this miso soup is not up to par.

Boy boy ordered Sour Sop Ice (RM5.90). When you are paying RM5.90 for an ice dessert, you would expect it to come in a big bowl (just like the one in Sweet Bean Restaurant). But this Shabu2 Train serving was soooooooooo small. I took the photo together with my hand for you guys to estimate the size of the cup. What a disappointment! and it was not nice at all.

The ingredients for the steamboat: chicken, mushroom, smiley fish ball, sausage, fu-chuk, vegetables, egg, and meehoon. Which part of it looks like Japanese material? When I go inside to a restaurant with the word 'shabu-shabu', I expect something Japanese, non of these up to my expectation. At least marinate the chicken with some Japanese taste la!

They have a range of sauces that you can take. We tried the chilli sauce (bottom first left) - chicken rice chilli sauce; Soya sauce (bottom second left) -teppanyaki soya sauce + very salty; Mayonaise (upper second left) - normal.

Boiling hot soup! Good during a cold weather. You see boy boy's dressings, you know that particular morning is very cold.

As a whole, I do not intend to visit this restaurant anymore. Nothing Japanese except the miso soup, and the taste was not up-to-par. I would rather eat steamboat buffet in Puchong / Sunway.

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