Monday, December 1, 2008

Scholl Shoe Pads

After seeing my poor feet suffered of blisters from new shoe syndrome, my mum suggested me to go to Guardian to buy some padding for shoes. Once I was in front of the padding section, I was amazed by the variety of paddings that Scholl offers. Besides that there were some Guardian brand as well.

When I saw this Heel Leather Liners (RM8.70), I know I must get one pair for myself.

It is made of real leather and improves the fit of loose fitting shoes.

It has a tiny and long cushion behind for comfort and to relieve pressure.

It also helps to prevent friction and heel slip. So I straight away sticked it onto my new Elements shoe, as the shoe was a bit loose for me.

After wearing this shoe for today (walked from lrt to my office, then to lunch, then from office to the lrt), I didnt feel any pain and it helps the shoe to fit my feet nicely. Luckily no blisters. Hehe. Just now on the way back, I bought another pair of this padding. Thought of sticking it to all my shoes. Hahaha.

Then I bought Air-Pillo comfort Half Insoles (RM5.30)for my working court shoes. The front part of my court shoes got thinner as time passed. I can feel the wood at the bottom as the cushion getting thinner and thinner. Whenever I walked on hard surface, my front foot pain like pain, the impact was so hard.

This is not made of leather as the above padding. It is somewhat like sponge-type material to cushion your foot.

So, stuffed it into my court shoes.

However, it became tighter. :-( Without the padding, my shoes fit me nicely, but with padding, it became tighter. Sigh. Tried to walk in office the whole morning, but I just couldnt take it as the bottom of my feet started with some symptoms of blisters already. So I took the pad off. Hehe.

Scholl offers wide range of padding and the most expensive being the gel type ones (~RM20). They offers these small round padding to put at the blister-prone spot in your shoes. Will get few of these to stick to my shoes so that my toes wont have blisters. LOL.

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