Friday, December 5, 2008

Sales Girls' Attitute

that makes me vomit!

After shopping the whole night in Sg Wang with PY, there were 3 shops with super-bad / weird attitute that I feel like I needed to highlight:

Shop A:

We saw a dress which is hanging on the wall (far beyong our reach), so we stood there looking at the dress and discuss whether is retro or not. There were 2 salesgirl having their dinner, and one of them came to us. So we asked this dress is available in how many colors and she answered. Then we asked again about the price, the she answered. So we think the price is not worth it so we said thank you and walked off.

Upon stepping out the shop, I heard the girl who served us said "Wan Katt geh" (Cantonese; means playing a fool in English). I straight away stopped on my feet in shock! WTH did she said??? Then I asked PY whether she heard it or not, but she didnt. But still I couldnt accept the fact that we came and asked for pricing, and SAID thank you before we went out, and what we got as a customer was these 3 words???? What kind of service is this? I am boycott-ing this particular shop forever and ever. Screw this shop! (I appologize for the word but I was truely shocked and mad by the attitude of this salesgirl).


Shop B:

We were standing outside of this particular shop and scanning through their dresses. The salesgirl came and asked us to go inside and have a look. She even urged us to try on the clothes, saying that is free for trying. She was very sweet at first said that this dress looked nice on you, fit you nicely etc. Then we said the price is expensive (there were no sales promo in this shop), the she answered back by saying their quality is good, our company only bring in good clothings, you cant find else where, is worth the money etc etc....Then we asked for discount (Yes, in fact, me and PY spotted a different dress that suit retro theme), she said she cannot give la, her boss not around, if she gives discount, her boss will scold her la etc etc etc.

Man, she really can talk! I think she can talk for 3 hours non-stop. The reason being, when PY went inside fitting room, the sales girl talked to me non-stop. When I entered the fitting room, she talked to PY non-stop. No doubt that she was quite attentive, at a certain point of time, I find that she was quite pushy and a bit da annoying. The dress is really expensive ma...Rm69 wei...and I wear 1 time then I am not going to wear it. So we really thought is not worth it.

I saw PY (being soft-hearted) couldnt afford to reject the salesgirl, so in order to leave the shop, I said we will consider it first during our dinner as we havent have dinner and we are hungry. The salesgirl still refused to let us go and talked again! One sentence that annoyed me was "oi meh (want meh), you wanna treat me like that meh?" I was like, "treat you like what??? you were the one who asked us to try on the clothes, you were the one who said is free trying, and you were the one who said dont buy never mind, at the first place!

Argh...that's it, let's go. I dont wanna stay in this shop any longer. We spent like 30min in this shop. Sometimes, a bit da pushy never mind but not to the extreme that you are like begging us to buy your clothes. Please~!!!!!


Shop C:

This shop is located at a corner shop, 1st floor or ground floor of Sg Wang if I am not mistaken. They sell funking costume like wigs, masks and all sort of party things. We went there and look for black gloves and this salesgirl (she looks like a foreigner to me but speaked to me in Malay) showed us one-an-only design that cost RM29.80. I simply mentioned to PY that is quite expensive and cost RM30. The salesgirl interrupted me by saying "is RM29.80", and I am a bit da offended by her already.

We told that it is out of our budget, then she said "kamu nak beli dua kan? Saya bagi RM50". At the mean time, she took out her calculator and poked the number 50 there. I was like, harlo, I know Malay ok! I am not from China, I am a Malaysian! Then we said still expensive, keep on shaking our head, on the verge of walking out already then she said RM45. I told her thank you, we really dont want it. I dont mean to bargain ok, I turned her down quite a few times.

While we were walking out (still in within the shop area), I heard her boss asked her something, then the boss said bagi RM45 la, the girl said "sudah bagi! mereka kata mahal!" Then the boss came chasing for us asked us how much we want to pay (beginning to be like China-style trading already). I said is still out of our budget and I really dont want it (I stressed the sentence so many times coz we really dont have the intention to buy). Again, she dropped her price to RM40. I said dont want. (I have no intention to begin the bargain like China-style ok).

We were out of the shop and the boss kept on chasing us until out of the shop and were shouting RM38! RM38! I said we are sorry and we really dont want it. Then we walked off. I do not know whether she cursed us back there but I really dont like China-style trading. It makes me feel that the product is so cheap until you asked us to quote the buying price.


The service I recieved from the RM25 shops are much more attentive than the Shop A and Shop B above who are selling the clothes double or triple the price of RM25 shops. If you are pricing your clothes at such a high price, at least make sure that you give good customer services.

I do know what caused the attitudes of these salesgirl nowadays. Is it because of their inexperience? or because they are still young and do not know what's the meaning of customer service? Anyhow, we, customers pay your salary ok. If you do not intend to treat the customers nicely then dont be in the service provider line. Just disappear from this line!


siewmun said...

"reminds me of petaling street"
Quoted by Mich.

siewmun said...

"Wow..Siew mun jie jie so angry. Hahaa..Still, i prefer to shop in Sunway piramid, mid valley, One U.."

"Sg wang is like petaling street, once u ask and u dun buy, then u will hear all sort of things coming from them! That's the fact!"

"Accept it lo, wanna buy something with cheaper price, you might expect their service will be that way! Cool Down, dun angry! lol.."

Quoted by PhuiYee.

siewmun said...

Quoted by Scott,

"which shop so lansi?next time bring me go i give them a lesson. =P"