Sunday, December 21, 2008

Restoran Mama's - DJ

This restaurant was opened few years ago in the neighbourhood and my family has tried it. However, we found that the taste does not fit into our taste bud and the price was on a high side, so we have not been to this restaurant ever since.

After a few years later, I decided to give this restaurant a second try as I saw the restaurant was full house during weekends, so it must be something good about it. Pulled my dad, sis and my bro to this restaurant on Friday night for dinner.

This restaurant is Penang Nyonya Style with its tagline of "Home-cooked Nyonya Food". Once we entered the restaurant, we smelled something unpleasant already (not the toilet smell), dont know how to describe it. Maybe it came out from the kitchen itself?

Bro ordered Pai Tee (RM9.70). The chilli was nice and the pai tee fillings were so-so only.

Garlic Kailan (RM9.70).

Mama Curry Chicken (RM13.70) - Look at the layer of oil on top! a bit geli when you look at it. Despite the oil, the curry was nice and the chicken was tender. It wasnt spicy at all.

Beef Rendang (RM17.70) - This dish was dem spicy! My bro sweat like mad! Poor him. The rendang was nice, however the beef was very tough! Furthermore, it was cut into big pieces so you have to bite it to smaller piece, but it was soooo tough until you give up doing it. The small shredded pieces of beef was nicer.

As a whole, we still wouldnt wanna come back for the third try. Sigh, it is still the same as few years ago --> high price tag + not so good food.

Restoran Mama's
36-G, SS22/25,
Damansara Jaya.
Tel: 7726 0776
Tiny Directions: Is located at the shophouses around Atria, besides Magic Wok.

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