Saturday, December 27, 2008

Restaurant Wong Chiew - SS2

After a 2 year gap, we returned to this restaurant again. Before that, this restaurant has been our family's favourite restaurant for dinner, we visited them at least once in 2 weeks. Even the boss also will know what we wanna order. However, being a loyal customer, we tend to notice that the quality and the taste of the food drops when they expaned their business to another shop lot and hire another cook. That was when we did not visit them.

However, Friday night we went back there again to try out their food. We ordered Baby Potato Leaves (RM9). Erm ... they put too much ginger than garlic wo. You know la, I am not a ginger person le.

Champagne Pork Ribs (RM10). The sauce was very nice indeed, very sticky and full of champagne flavour.

Yam Basket (RM12) - My bro favourite dish. The yam was fried to crunchiness, wish they could give a bigger 'basket'.

Beancurd with minced meat (RM10) - Aiyo, I love this dish so much. The beancurd was nice and soft, the minced meat was full of flavour.

The price has increased a little since our last visit. It used to be affordable chinese restaurant with good food. Guess we would not come back here for quite a little while.

Makanan Laut Wang Chiew
30, Jalan SS2/103,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 77223662

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