Monday, December 22, 2008

Restaurant Loong Seng - SS2

Early Sunday morning and Nikky woke everyone up and asked whether we wanna have dimsum or not. Being Nikky (if you know him), morning wake people up but 10am only come pick us up. Dimsum also become brunch liao lor. But never mind, since he is fetching us, so I cant complain him (I have been complaining on other stuffs too much lately). Hahaha. He brought us (Scott, my bro and I) to SS2 Loong Seng dimsum.

Oily carrot cake.

Aiyo, this egg tart was a mistake made by me, from far away I thought it looks like Tong Kei egg tart (I am a fan of egg tart), so I asked them to take. When it landed on the table, I was like, uh uh....sei foh lor.... like that one....see also no appetite already.

Nikky highly recommended this fried prawn dumpling. Indeed it was very nice, the skin was fried to crispiness and the prawn in it was soooo big pieces. The best compared to other dimsum places that servce this dish.

Yam puff, my bro's favourite.

Once Nikky took this steam chee cheong fun, he walked away to take the fried fried stuff, and the three of us dug into the ccf and half plate was gone when Nikky came back. Anyhow, the ccf was so bland, tasteless.

Scott took this soya tau fu fa with laichi as his first dimsum. He commented nice, and Nikky and my bro took that each.

Now, I must tell a farnie thing here. We took these 3 plates almost at the end and everyone was quite full I presumed. My bro took one biji of the crab fish ball (bottom left) and ate it. When Nikky took up his chopstick wanna take another one, my bro commented, "wah, eat that biji until soooooo full liao". Nikky on the spot halted his chopstick, dont dare to take already. Hahaha. These guys ar... take take take so many until full also have to force to finish it.

Since the silver plate dimsum not so much variety, these guy went and take this. Dont know what is it called and dont even know what it is. Despite the look, it tasted nice wo. You have to eat the fried meehoon stuffs together with the redbean paste in it. Very sweet.

The variety here is not as many as the one in OUG or Taman Paramount (as I posted up earlier). That's why that day Nikky and Scott were below par, they didnt even hit the 10 silver plates dimsum target. Another thing that caused these 2 guys below par was the waiter carrying the dimsum does not like to stop by our table, they just walked pass us. It happened so many times! Ended up we have to call him to turn back and let us take the dimsum.

Both these guys commented, "why he dont wanna stop our table leh? if he stops, we will give face give face and will take at least one plate one, dont wanna do our business meh? or he thinks we cant eat that much?". I really pengsan after listening to two of them.

The total bill for the 4 of us was RM55.

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