Monday, December 1, 2008

Restaurant Hup Soon - SS3

This place was being introduced by my boy boy few years ago and we have been visiting this restaurant quite a number of times. This restaurant offers cheap steaks (of course includes fish, lamb and chicken). It used to be cheap last time, the price ranges from RM6 for Fish & Chips to RM15 for steaks. But it has increased its price everytime we visit them.

Complimentary bread. Anything that is complimentary is a plus point for the restaurant (cause I love anything that is free!). Normal grill bread with tiny taste of garlic on it (very tiny taste indeed).

Boy boy usual dish - Lamb Chop with mushroom sauce - RM11 (last time used to be RM8.50 like that).

Fish n Chips - RM8 (last time used to be RM6). Actually I love the tata sauce that they provide.

The quality of this restaurant is quite inconsistent. Sometimes the fish is fresh, sometimes is not (strong fishy smell); sometimes the mix beans was nice, sometimes very hard (like expired like that); Anyhow, this restaurant started with a concept of affordable cheap steaks but it doesnt look that cheap now huh.....

Restaurant Hup Soon only open at night for western food, morning serves as hawker center. It is located at the same row as 7-11 and besides the Shell Station, near Dewan Serbaguna SS3.

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