Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Restaurant Hin Long # 2

Revisited Hin Long Restaurant in Kepong. With the 11 of us, we can order more variety of dishes.

Beancurd Soup ('Tao Fu Kang') - RM22. Lots of beancurb embedded in it with slices of mushroom. Quite nice I can say.

Butter Prawns ('Lai Yao Har Gou') - RM30. The butter taste was rich and crispy and the prawns were not oily at all despite they were being deep fried.

Tomato-sauced steam fish ('Jiong Jing Fei Zao') - RM35. The fish was very big and the sauce tasted ok.

Their most famous signature dish, Banana Leaf Squid ('Ba Chiu Sotong') - RM30. Tasted superb!

Yam Basket ('Fatt Boot') - RM30. Erm, it was a bit pricey for a small portion. When it arrived, within seconds the yam was gone! Hehe. Love the yam fried to crispiness and the KongPo chicken slices taste were very good indeed.

Sweet & Sour Pork ('Gu Lou Yok') - RM18. The sauce was ok but I wish the meat could be more crispier.

How can I not order 2 Style Kai Lan ('Ying Yong') when I come to Hin Long? This portion cost us RM15 but I wish we order RM30 portion and I guarantee I will finish it!

Supposing we were to try other dish other than the dishes ordered during our last visit. However, we cant resist not to order Banana Leaf Sotong and the 2-style kailan. Total damage for the 11 of us was RM194.

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