Sunday, December 7, 2008

Restaurant Buffalo Steakhouse - Dataran Mentari

When Nikky ajak for dinner and I asked him what is his budget. He said below RM20. So I remember that I always wanted to try this cheap steak house located in Sunway Mentari (Always passed by this shop and went to the steamboat restaurant). It is easily recognisable by its Buffalo icon. I wonder why the named "Buffalo Steakhouse" steakhouse though.

Trying to capture the frontdesk counter by raising up my hand. Then Scott noticed that the guy in red (arrow pointed) sitting beside the wall quickly move aside and let me take picture. Quite farnie though.

They have a big Christmas Tree display!

The menu was attached with a paper stating RM16.90 for set meal. This set meal includes one main dish, one soup of the day and one drink / cappucino / hot tea pot. Since this offer is very worth, so all of us ordered from the set.

There are only 6 set meals available at the mean time: Fish & Chips, Cordon Bleu Steak, Chicken Chop, Chicken Chop in Gravy, Australia Lamp Chop, and Barbeque Fish.

The bread with butter is complimentary with each main set.

Mushroom soup was the soup-of-the-day. Once I take the first sip, it was a bit sourish. I wonder why mushroom is sour. Erm....I dont think it was ok, still prefer Campbell soup.

Nikky ordered Cordon Bleu Steak. Instead of the normal chicken, they fried the steak with bread crumbs instead. Nikky praised this dish a lot: very tasty, the beef was cook to medium-to-well, very juicy, delicious.

Annie ordered chicken chop with gravy. It came in a very big portion. The gravy tasted like sweet and sour sauce but it was not sweet and it was not sour. Comment quoted by Annie. Bombastic description. Hehe.

Scott ordered Australian Lamp Chop. He said not bad either.

Calvin ordered Australia Lamp Chop as well. When compared to Scott's ones, his one is different, something is missing!

There is only one piece of cabbage slice holding nothing on top!

After that, we asked the waiter where is the salad? Then he quickly went and refill it. Shouldnt say "refill" though. LOL. Calvin said salad tasted very nice.

I ordered Barbeque Fish. The sauce tasted like abit tomato-ish. Fish was fresh, no fishy taste. Ok ok only.

After we finished, out of nowhere, the waitress served us a scoop of ice cream each. We were wondering whether they have serve this to the wrong table as the set we ordered does not include ice cream. The waiter said is complimentary as well. Woop! Nikky straight away say "Whoa! Very worth it!".

Restaurant Buffalo Steakhouse:
26, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway.
Tel: 56300023

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siewmun said...

Quoted by Calvin,
"you forgot to quote one more thing, there is no service charge and government tax for this restaurant. hardly get to find it. the portion for all the main course meal is so huge"

Guess he really likes this restaurant huh. :)