Saturday, December 27, 2008

Red Box - The Curve

Raymond and Jojo wanna celebrate my bro's bday in Red Box. It was a misunderstand between Ray and me. I thought he booked Neway One Utama, but the night before only I knew he booked Red Box The Curve. Then I asked him why he booked Red Box (as I have bad experience with Red Box before), then he said I mentioned Redbox. Guess I accidentally mentioned to him and I have forgotten about it. Hahaha.

Never mind, hoping that this Red Box service is different from other outlets. Me and my bro caught a quick breakfast in Hometown Kopitiam near RedBox as we are super hungry.

Since Jojo and Ray will be late, me and my bro entered Red Box first. At the counter, we were greeted by a "black face" staff. She talked to us without looking at us, this means 'R U D E' to me. 1st bad impression.

We were being urshered into Room 12, the girl who showed us the room greeted us with nice attitude, saying 'Welcome to Redbox, enjoy your singing' something like that. Most importantly with a smile. Not bad, first time I see a smile from a Redbox staff after all the visits these years. 1st good impression.

We got this big room, so surprise. Just the four of us, they gave us this big room. 2nd good impression.

We were given this piece of paper to order our set lunch. When we looked through it, we were extremely disappointed by what Redbox can offer for set lunch. Only five different sets of lunch can be ordered, and the cheapest one being Tossed Udon with chicken minced, which is RM16++. Dont feel like eating udon, me and my bro ordered sweet honey bbq chicken (RM20++) while Ray and jojo ordered udon. Lousy set lunch menu = 2nd bad impression.

After 20 minutes, a staff came in and informed us that they ran out of udon. Swt. So Jojo and Ray were forced to take the bbq chicken too. I felt that the Redbox wanna cheat the customers lor. Only offer one dish for RM16++ (we were opting for cheap and affordable lunch with karaoke), and tell us later that is out of stock, forcing you to choose the more expensive ones = 3rd bad impression.

Redbox offers a large variety of songs, which includes the latest ones. They have Jay Chow's 'Dao Siang', Rihanna's 'Disturbia', Leona Lewis, 'Better in Time', PCD's 'When I grow up' etc etc. = 3rd good impression.

During the first 20 minutes, some songs stopped in the middle of nowhere, force you to stop singing. A few times like that you know. Then until one point, the whole system hang! My bro went out wanna complain already, but someone already complaining to the staff. So, we waited for 5 minutes for the system to resume. That was our reaction while waiting (pic below). System down = 4th bad impression.

Ok, system resumed. Now, we were super hungry and they only served us the food at 12.30pm, which were like 1 hour after we ordered. Super slow service = 5th bad impression.

The sauce for the chicken was ok. However, the piece of chicken was so hard until you can throw it at a person, and the person can faint on the spot!. The vegetables were bitter as per Ray's comments. The only thing that was eatable was the potato wedges, which were crunchy. Take a look at Ray and Bro's expression (pics below) while asking them to comment on the food. Super bad food quality = 6th bad impression.

That's Jojo when asking her to pose for camera.

They took my camera to do some camwhoring.

Hmm.... I cant do camwhoring (as I look super ugly when take close pictures), so I will just continue singing.

The song selection part actually is not user-friendly. I was looking for Sammi Cheng but I couldnt find her. A singer as famous as her should have been placed at the first or second page of the screen. I gave up looking for her. Finally, my bro found her! She was at the Page 41 out of 47 pages of singers. I was so pissed at Redbox, who has time to flip through 40 over pages to find a famous singer???? = 7th bad impression.

Actually we expect Redbox to allow us to sing until 2pm (Neway did let us sang from 11am - 2pm even though the card stated till 1pm), but they didnt. They chased us out at 1.30pm. Stupid la, hang the system, jumped the music, wasted our time and didnt let us sing till 2pm = 8th bad impression.

We managed to put my camera on top of the tissue box in order to get a group photo.

As a whole, Redbox still s**ks big time! Please dont invite me to go sing K at Redbox anymore unless you are really and super confident that the service is excellent.

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