Thursday, December 18, 2008

PJ Ibumee - Seapark

Boy boy said this shop is famous for their Nasi Lemak. There were around 10 tables with customers and I noticed that majority of them also ordered Nasi Lemak. So once we sat down, we ordered, "Nasi Lemak Ayam satu, Nasi Lemak Kambing satu".

I took the mutton one. Once it arrived, the Nasi Lemak was so wangi! It was served on top of a banana leave to add to the fragrance. The mutton tasted so-so only, it is cook with a little bit of celery (I dont like celery), plus it was not soft. You have to chew chew and chew before you swallow it.

Oooo...the sambal was nice! Lots of onions and some ikan billis. It has a strong taste of ginger as well. A tad too spicy (for me only la).

Boy boy's gave me a piece of his fried chicken. Once I took the first bite, It was very very delicious. The coating on top is well marinated, very special taste. It just lack a bit of crunchiness only. The fried chicken in Ehsan Mamak is more crunchier (they double fried it) but the taste in PJ Ibumee is better. Plus, it came in a bit of small piece lor .... not enough..... (Ehsan serves whole drumstick).

Next time I must order 2 pieces of chicken to satisfy my taste bud.

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