Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nowadays, it is not safe

even at your own home!

Have you ever thought of someone will break into your house? Ya, your "HOUSE", your "HOME", the place on earth where you feel the most comfortable and relax and .... safe ....

Imagine you are alone at home, watching tv, surfing net or doing something else...suddenly you heard a sound in another compartment of your house...

Out of curiosity, you go towards the direction of the sound ....

Then you see an unknown man searching through your drawers and cupboard ...

What will you do?

Scream? ---> I will be panicked until no voice come out

Run away? ---> Not a fast runner

Grab something n whack him? ---> I am no karate girl

Press the alarm? ---> that's the only thing I will do I think.

Ya, I think I will activate the alarm and let it rings like mad, and I quickly run into another room and lock myself inside and scream for help. Good idea hor? Workable? Hope so.

Nowadays, with the increased crime rates, no matter where we are, we are not safe anymore, and we are prone to danger anywhere anytime. There is no safe place for us to be ... even the probability of safe-ness level at home has dropped tremendously.

Yup, a break-in happened to my neighbours yesterday. In fact, I should say break-in with a capital S behind. 4 houses in the same row were broken in yesterday afternoon (on a broad day light!).

My mum heard some stories from the aunties aunties, one of the house wasnt empty, there was an old lady in house, and the thief cut the fence in front of the house (how daring!) and went inside and steal her belongings. Curse the thief, old woman's "coffin property" ("goon choy boon") also steal...luckily he didnt harm her la, but still, taking off all her money is equally as bad as harming her.

Other houses, I think the thief enter into the house by climbing to the roof. My mum havent kepoh back yet. This case was not the first case. My neighbour opposite and right and left also kena masuk pencuri before, also during the afternoon. Damn daring!

My mum suspected is this guy in motorbike keep on rounding our area last week. She claimed that the guy rounding n rounding few times, looking for possible target I think. On the other hand, my dad suspected the illegal immigrants that are staying in one of the corner lot, he claimed that after they move in, all the break-ins happened.

Anyhow, I think we need to be twice or triple careful and aware of our surroundings, especially ladies.

Btw, I am going for a half-day self defense class organized by our HR department on 11 December. Will take some photos and share some tips after that.

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