Monday, December 1, 2008

Nol Boo Korean Restaurant - Sunway Pyramid

In Sunway Pyramid, boy boy and I were standing around the ice skating ring looking from the top floor to the lower floors, and from the lowest floor to the upper floors, and from left to right and right to left searching for restaurant. Finally decided to try this Nol Boo Korean Restaurant that has no customers yet (a bit da sarcastic am I).

This is their menu with some variety of food that they offers:

We ordered Korean style ABC - RM8. A bit pricey for an ABC but they gave lots of ingredients: kiwi fruit, pineapple splices, mango slices, watermelon slices, orange slice and tons of red beans. Their version of ABC does not have any sirup or condense milk like our local ABC. So you have to eat the ice with the red bean (which tasted sweet) to get the taste of it.

This is how high it was.

Boy boy ordered Udong Mee - RM16. It came with a small wok as a bowl. Tasted quite normal. I wonder why he ordered udon mee in a Korean restaurant.

I ordered Stone Pot Bibimbap - RM20, which is one of the Korean specialty. My set came with 3 small plates of appetizer: taugeh (nice), kimchi (not nice) and long bean (didnt take it).

Also came with a bowl of soup, tasted very nice as they put lots of pepper (I love pepper).

Originally, my stone pot bbb came like this, with a raw egg on top, some mushroom slices, cucumber & carrot slices and chicken pieces.

Mixed it with their home-made sauce to become like this. Not bad actually.

Cant judge this by just trying out 2 dishes from them. But, based on the 2 dishes above, the food here does not taste authentic Korean though. By the way, they serve cold water for free and they are not stingy with the servings.

Nol Boo is located at LLG of Sunway Pyramid, beside Famous Amos, Mr Teppanyaki and Pizza Hut, near the ice skating ring.

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