Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Gadgets

Yup, is boy boy's new gadget, he has been wanting it for soooooooo long. Finally he got one! I sponsored half of it, btw. :P

Ta-da! His 22 inch HD LCD Monitor from BenQ worth RM599. High specifications with XXXXX (I dont know what boy boy mentioned to me), super high resolution, erm...super high definition .... super ...super ... super ..... anyhow, is super monitor la. I am super computer-iliterate, dont ask me to talk about computer stuffs.

HD Monitor matched with his powerful super-clear speaker plus super-loud woofer (at the bottom of the table) plus super hard-to-press keyboard. :P


Plus, his not super-new racket but with super-new strings and handle. Now, he can smack .... oops... smash shuttlecock with his new racket ....string. Beware of Scott!

I got new gadgets for myself too! Tell you what, didnt go out shopping also can buy things one I tell you. See how terrer a girl is, or maybe I should spell it TEROR!!! Wahaha....

Got myself a soft denim leggings from a blogshop, Enchanting Hearts (if you read my earlier post, I have featured her products before). Actually I am not interested in this but I saw from her website, she wore it so nicely, then I wanna buy. HAhahaa....

My white opaque leggings.

PY bought 2 black leggings together with me as well. We arranged a COD at Sri Petaling LRT station with her, and PY supposed to meet her. When PY asked me what is her name, then only I realized I didnt know her name. Hehe. Cause she always reply emails with Enchanting Hearts, and sms ends with EH as well. What a bad customer I am hor....didnt even ask ppl's name. PY joked and said, "so I should address her as Ms Enchanting Hearts?".

Tell you what, her service is super good. She was being so patient answering my sms-es. Although I didnt meet her in person, she sounded very nice and polite to me. PY, who met her yesterday said she was nice as well.

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