Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nagomi Shabu Shabu - Jaya 33

Met up with Nicole, Lim, Yen Yen and Azzah for dinner at Jaya 33 just now. Lim suggested to try out Nagomi Shabu Shabu. Here's part of the menu:

Ooooo....they have a christmas tree inside! Should decorate with sakura flowers to get the Japanese feel.

The restaurant was playing English songs from the retro era, love the songs though but why English? Isnt it a Japanese restaurant suppose to play some authetic Japanese songs for a Japanese feel?

When Nicole and I arrived, Lim has ordered Soft Shell Crab Maki (RM18 for 4 pieces), which is their daily special. Lim said was buy-one-free-one offer, and it should be 8 pieces right? The picture only showed 4 pieces as Lim and YY had eaten the other 4 pieces before I can take picture. Hahaha....

Lim ordered Assorted Sashimi (RM45). Forgotten to ask about his feedback on this dish.

Mango Salad (RM21). It has salmon in it! Tasted not bad for a first-timer who try Japanese salad.

How can we not order Shabu Shabu while we are dining at a Shabu Shabu restaurant? Plus it is their signature dish as well! The soup was poured from a chinese-looking teapot. Note the long "nose" (dont know what is it called).

Ribeye Shabu Shabu set (RM39). The beef slices were slice to the maximum thin! When you use chopstick to pick it up, it breaks. I know thin slices are good for shabu-shabu-ing, but thin until I cannot pick it up is a bit da .... (lost of words). No doubt the beef tasted good.

The set comes with a plate of vege that consisted of cabbage, 2 types of mushroom, carrot n onion slices, beancurd and some lemongrass slices.

Their sauce for shabu shabu. The first right is just Japanese soya sauce (standard), the chilli sauce in the middle tasted like the chilli sauce in some chicken rice stall (normal), and the sauce on the left I assumed is made of peanut (nice).

Each person has their own personal shabu shabu pot. They offer 2 types of soup: kimchi-based (I dont know why they wanna name the soup with a Korean famous kimchi) and Nagomi (signature soup). Kimchi soup does not taste like kimchi at all, and it was not spicy - average. Nagomi soup was superb, love it!

We ordered another Chicken Shabu-shabu set (RM29).

The waitress will mix it up for u. First, she stained some egg yolk on the chicken slices. Then, she mixed the egg yolk with the chicken paste around it to form chicken balls.

Lastly, we had Macha Ice Cream (RM6) as dessert. It suppose to taste like green tea but this only had a slightly tint of green tea flavour. I would prefer it to be stronger.

Ta-da! Newly-wed couple: HK Lim and Yen Yen. That day didnt manage to take photos of them, now I am taking the photos as replacement. Hahaha....Congrats Lim and Yen Yen for entering into the next stage of their lives, wish both of you happily ever after! Plus, double congrats both of you again (you know what I mean).

Self-proclaimed 3 Charlie's Angels: LSM, Nicole and Azzah.

Group photo:

As a whole, good dinner with good friends. What else can I ask for?

Restaurant Nagomi Shabu-shabu
PG-02B, Ground Floor, Jaya 33,
No. 3, Jalan Semangat, Section 13,
46400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 79562330

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