Friday, December 5, 2008

My task begins!

Yup, my task for hunting a 1960s - 1970s costume with RM100 budget was officially ON at 6pm, the moment we stepped out from the Sg Wang carpark (Thanks Liza for tumpang-ing us there). PY and I happily stepped into Sg Wang with excited feelings. Well, I was nervous a bit actually because I do not know whether I can find my targeted style or not.

We started with the 6th floor (GreenBox Karaoke floor) where a lot of small shops located there. Once I walked into the small street, I spotted racks and racks of clothing with the tag RM10. OMG! I have gone crazy! I wanna buy long casual T-shirts, casual dress, long cardigans, drapped vest etc etc etc.....I wanna buy this buy expression scared PY a little. Hehe.

Ok, we are suppose to hunt for retro dresses, so I pulled back myself a little, trying to constraint myself from browsing through unnecessary things (but to me, these things are part of my anotehr check list!). >.<

So, we walked and walked and walked, trying to gauge the 60s retro style according to what is available in the shops. Browsing through half way we were quite confused already -->

"Checkers consider 60s?"

"Polka dots can?"

"What if tube dress with checkers?

"People in the 60s wear tube one meh?

"How about lacey materials?"

"Pom pom skirts consider go-go skirts?"

"should we buy the top and the skirt separately instead of dress?"

"Mini 60s skirts allowed?"

Argh!!! Frustrated rather than confused. Actually we confused ourselves or maybe the styles in the shops confused us? I wonder.....

So we ventured into the lower floors and went straight into the "RM25 shops". Woop! I got excited all over again as I saw my favourite kimono-inspired dresses going for RM25 (exactly the same thing as e-shops but selling at RM45)! OMG OMG OMG! I wanna buy, I wanna buy! We spotted an orange dress (thought of buying our company's corporate color) consider retro for RM25. We decided to get the orange dress but different design for each of us.

Next task: Hunting for accessories. We were trying to look for orange shoes. Luckily I was with PY (who is a shoe-aholic) and she can scan through the shoe shops with just one second and said that there were no orange shoes. That save us a lot of time. Hahaha. At the end...only one-in-a-million shop selling this orange pointed shoes which cost us RM63 after 20% discount. Crazy one ORANGE shoe for annual dinner, wear one time only, cost RM63! We decided that is not worth it so we decided to go with black shoes (which we already have). So that saves us some money.

Since we couldnt find an orange shoe, we want to go for orange leggings, and to our surprise, there were not even one shop selling orange leggings. They have pink, grey, black, white, blue, purple, yellow etc (you name it, they have it) but no freaking orange????? why???? why wanna treat us like that???? Again, we decided to ditch the orange leggings and go for black leggings (which we already have). So that saves us some money again.

Ok, shoe and leggings issues settled. Now, we are going into accessories shops to hunt for earrings, hairbands and bangles. We walked in a rush as it was 9.15pm. So the very last stop we went, PY managed to buy a hairband, which is very very pretty.

After the whole madness, I still need to buy a 60s berret, bangles, scalves and earrings. Everything must be in orange! Not enough time already. Went back home with only one 60s dress and one kimono. I am not satisfied! I wanna buy more kimono dresses! casual tops! denim leggings! I will be back!

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siewmun said...

"lol..When should we go again for shopping? RM25, RM15, RM10..I still have to shop for bangles, earrings..Hmm.."

"thanks god i dont *heart* dresses much. Haha, if not, i will gone crazier than you. Fuh~"

Quoted by PhuiYee.