Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marriage Proposal

No...not me.... I didnt recieve any marriage proposal ... sorry to disappoint you guys. Hahahaha....

Yesterday Jojo told me that somewhere in Bandar Utama, a guy put up banners proposing to a girl and the girl so happened to be her friend! She took photo of the banner and showed it to me. Is just a rectangular shape banner, not that big (compared to that diamond fella who booked a billboard along LDP last 2 years), the guy (quite handsome) holding a bouquet of flowers and ring, "TL, will you marry me?". Must ask Jojo whether her friend accepted the proposal or not.

Putting up banner for marriage proposal is not a new tactic anymore, but as long as the girl feels surprised and happy, why not? As long as the guy really spend his time, thinking and maybe some money to plan a proposal, who cares whether is old or new tactic.

For me, as long as the guy who proposes to me must come with a ring and a bouquet of flowers, at the very least. If not, dont bother getting the desired answer. :P Anyhow, I should stop day dreaming, but I just couldnt stop thinking how my guy going to propose to me in the future.

Maybe he will pop up the million dollar question during a romantic dinner? The waiter bring out a tray with a cover on top of it and serve it in front of me. Then when I open it, there is a ring, then my guy comes with his flowers and propose. Wahahhaha....watch too much movie already, I suppose...

While paragliding from top of the snowy mountains, then look down at the ground, see the wordings, "will you marry me?" from far away. Then when I touch down the ground, my guy is expecting the answer from me. Woo....this idea not bad....but no snowy mountain in Malaysia wo.

Romantic getaway at beach side. During sunset, he brings me to the beach and I see the wordings, "will you marry me?" carved on the sand with lots of roses around it. I like this idea too as I love beachside.

Cherry Blossom season in Japan? Although I love sakura, but proposing during this season would not be a good idea as the place would be packed (I mean reallllllll packed) by people.

While taking a cable to Genting highlands, he proposes to me in the cable car? Dont quite buy this idea as I already super scare while inside the cable car. If I were to agree, I cant jump around, coz it would be shaky, my legs would be shaky too. Uh uh... no no....

Yup, back to KL, our very own KL Tower. There is one revolving high class restaurant at the top (not the buffet one). Maybe he will propose to me with all the KL scenery behind? This idea was along my perfect marriage proposal venue since last time. But recently dont quite like it anymore. Dont know why.
Photos above are all from www.wikipedia.com

Is just what I have been imagining all this while besides imagining what my wedding recption will be like. I would think that marriage proposal would be personal for the couple and a special planning to suit the couple's pak toh history or something meaningful to both of them would guarantee winning you a bride. For me, I just want this day to be a memorable day for the both of us.


Is festive season isnt it! I love Christmas season, love the songs, love the decorations, love santa claus, love the chrismas trees, love the pressies ......

Merry Christmas to all of you!

and a Happy New Year!

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siewmun said...

Quoted by Yweng aka The Spirit:

"Aiyo, no marriage proposal? Hehe"